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31 Jul 2020  |  Global

Innovations in Smart Metering Enabling Grid Modernization

Systems Integration and Data Aided Grid Control to Enable an Intelligent and Responsive Grid Infrastructure

This research, ‘Innovations in Smart Metering Enabling Grid Modernization’ focuses on the emerging innovations and the latest developments in the smart metering industry including Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), meter data management systems (MDMS), sensor ecosystem, networks and communications, systems integration, and digital engageme...

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This issue of Oil and Gas Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the use of advanced sub-sea power technology systems for reliable power supply for remote oil and gas fields and the development of high performance automation systems for precision drilling in deep wells. The TOE also features the use of next-generation re-fractu...

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This edition of the Energy and Power Systems Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on developing high energy and cobalt-free electrode materials for lithium (Li)-ion battery and the development of high performance and long lasting solar flow batteries. The TOE also features the use of cost-effective solar technology for the gene...

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16 Jul 2020  |  Global

Growth Opportunities from Decarbonisation in the Global Power Market, 2019–2030

$3.40 Trillion to be Invested in Renewable Technologies As Energy Transition Gains Much Needed Momentum

Powered by a strong momentum behind renewable energy, the power market is heading into the 2020s having come many-a-mile from the last decade. The 2020s will be a critical decade for one and all in the power industry, as the transition toward renewable energy is expected to increase in volume, while coal will take a downturn in most developed marke...

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03 Aug 2016  |  Global

Increased Digital Capabilities Powering the Hybrid Energy Market, Forecast to 2025

Future Growth Potential for Technology Providers, as Hybrid Power Plants Become the New Normal in the Transition to a Net-zero World

Hybrid energy systems are catching a lot of attention in the energy industry: from utilities and independent power plants (IPPs) to technology providers, system integrators, project developers, and regulators. Globally, the market for large on-grid hybrid energy systems is at an early stage of development, waiting for proper regulations that can re...

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This edition of the Inside R&D Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the development of bio-hybrid synapse that enables communications between living cells and devices by means of electro-chemistry and the development of nano-scale brushes to transport energy and information more efficiently. The TOE also features the use of ...

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This edition of the Industrial Bioprocessing Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the utilization of bio-informatics and synthetic biology for the production of opioids that have medicinal properties, and the use of biomass as feedstock for the generation of bio-diesel. The TOE also features production of renewable jet fuel ...

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30 Jun 2020  |  Global

Emerging Innovations Enabling Cobalt-free Batteries

Fragility of the Global Cobalt Supply Chain Driving the Battery Manufacturers’ Transition Towards Cobalt Free Battery Chemistries

The transition towards a sustainable energy eco-system with e-mobility and renewable energy integrated power grids require efficient energy storage solutions. As of now the most promising candidate of choice has been the Lithium-ion battery (LIB) chemistry, in which, a graphite anode is paired with a lithium cobalt oxide cathode, offering high ener...

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This issue of Oil and Gas Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the utilization of shock absorbers that can protect 'measurement while drilling' equipment from vibrations and axial shocks, development of magnetic nano-sponges with high surface area for oil spill remediation processes, and the use of fibrous activated carbon-ba...

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26 Jun 2020  |  Global

Disruptive Innovations in Production, Storage and Transportation of Hydrogen

Transition to a Sustainable Energy Economy Requires a Effective Hydrogen Storage Carrier

Transition to a sustainable energy economy requires an energy carrier, which may enable large transfers of carbon-neutral energy. Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier that can have a positive impact on the entire energy industry. However, hydrogen storage in large amounts is challenging. There are considerable challenges associated with achieving an ...

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