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21 Dec 2021  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Carbon Neutrality Strategies

Regulatory Shifts and Threat of Environmental Impact Drive Decarbonization Goals

During the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the European Union and the United States announced their commitments to become carbon neutral by 2050, while China and India, the first- and third-largest emitters, plan to become carbon neutral by 2060 and 2070, respectively. Low-income countries will struggle to reduce their carbon...

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20 Dec 2021  |  Global

Atomic Layer Deposition: R&D Portfolio Assessment and Growth Opportunities

The Increase in Demand for Thin Films is Driving Adoption Across Industries

The demand for thin films has been immense because of the miniaturization trend. Developers of semiconductors and energy storage devices have been experimenting with atomic layer deposition technology for mass deployment, recognizing the shift from testing the product for specific application requirements to scaling the technology according to grow...

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14 Dec 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Saudi Arabia Economic and Social Growth Opportunities

Economic Diversification will Enhance the Non-oil Sector’s Future Growth Potential

This research is designed to provide insights into Saudi Arabia’s macroeconomic environment for the next five years, covering aspects such as GDP growth and per capita GDP, fiscal and monetary policy, demographics, disease profile, and health insurance. Saudi Arabia's economy experienced a deep contraction in 2020, with the rebound seen through 2...

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The Microelectronics Technology Opportunity Engine for December 2021 covers innovations pertaining to processors, wearables, gallium electronics, and antenna. Some of the innovations profiled include processors suitable for complex AI workloads, system-on chip for edge devices, GaN-based IC for fast charging, wearables for vitals monitoring, and ph...

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The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Opportunity Engine for for December 2021 covers innovations pertaining to collaborative robots, 3D printing, robotic exoskeletons, and digital manufacturing. Some of the innovations profiled include lightweight desktop cobots, artificial intelligence (AI)-based software platform for end-to-end implementation, a...

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24 Nov 2021  |  Global

Global Next-generation Data Storage Technologies: R&D Portfolio Analysis

Embedded Data Storage Technology Innovation is Disrupting the Memory Arena by Removing Storage Bottlenecks and Transforming the Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Automotive Industries.

•The demand for data storage technologies stems from the need to efficiently and quickly process large data sets in critical applications such as Big Data, AI, and IoT. Over the years, data storage technologies have evolved on the back of advancements in the components used in storage devices and technologies. •The key factors driving the gro...

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23 Nov 2021  |  North America

Business Model Innovation Post–COVID-19 Growth Opportunities

Product Experience, Interactive Engagement, and Personalization to Shape Unified Experiences in Customer-based Models

As the post-COVID-19 scenario looms, traditional business models are undergoing rapid changes, and the need to innovate and expand the business model portfolio becomes essential to enable enterprise survival and growth. Multiple trends are driving the need for business model innovation, such as supply chains undergoing pandemic-induced transformati...

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22 Nov 2021  |  Global

Global Transhumanism Growth Opportunities

Transformational Growth in Biological, Health, and Wellness Augmentation will Enable the Rise of Human 2.0

Radical changes in science and technology are helping the human body evolve. Biological augmentations and body enhancements are transforming the human body and bringing about a kind of transhumanism by eliminating diseases, extending life spans, and enhancing human capabilities. Biological augmentations and body enhancements are classified into th...

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17 Nov 2021  |  

Growth Opportunities in Retail 2.0

Key Retail Transformations Enabling Growth and Innovation to 2030

Retail is undergoing a major transformation as trends converge to create new opportunities for the industry. Specifically, the rise of gen Y and gen Z, the digitization of retail, and the upcoming post-COVID-19 economy will compel retailers to rethink their strategies and embrace a more omnichannel and frictionless retail model. Consumers’ ra...

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16 Nov 2021  |  Global

Trend Opportunity Profile—Social Commerce

Future Growth Potential in Gen Z as Next Wave of Consumers and in Disruptive Technologies Used to Power Persuasive Selling

New retail business models have emerged, and one crop is online-only businesses that sell exclusively through social media channels. Almost all social media platforms today offer retail functionalities that facilitate the electronic commerce (eCommerce) of goods and services. This online sales model is mainly driven by social influences and interac...

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