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16 Dec 2021  |  Global

Impact of Mobile Devices and Apps on Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Perspectives on Excelling in CX in a Mobile World

With over 90% of customers using smart mobile apps as a customer experience (CX) channel, companies across industries must deliver excellent customer care on mobile devices. They must also ensure that mobile apps are part of their omnichannel strategy. This study gives insights to CX companies on mobile app usage. The pandemic has accelerated ...

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15 Dec 2021  |  Global

The State of the Cloud 2021: The Hybrid, Multicloud Forms the Foundation to Digital Organizations

Highlights from the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Global Cloud Survey

The cloud represents the most critical aspect of digital transformation, according to respondents to the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Global Cloud User survey. As such, companies continue to build out their hybrid, multicloud environments to support strategic business goals, such as agility and improved customer experience. In the tenth annual survey of...

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09 Dec 2021  |  Global

Digital Trends in the BFSI Industry Amidst COVID-19 and Beyond

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Customer Perspectives

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the move to digital channels, the cloud, and self-service customer care so financial companies could take advantage of new technologies to keep businesses running sans a staff yet maintain a satisfactory level of customer experience (CX). BFSI companies are focusing on improving digital experiences such as digital ...

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06 Dec 2021  |  North America

The Changing State of Retail Customer Care

Growth Opportunities Rise in the Dynamic North American Retail Market

The retail industry had undergone significant change in the past decade, witnessed by the shift from in-store to online shopping and digital engagement. Digital customer care rapidly expanded with new channels on the web, mobile apps, and social media, and older channels, such as chat and interactive voice response (IVR), embellished with new tech...

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21 Oct 2021  |  Europe

Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Contact Centers

Acceleration in WAHA, Self-Service & Cloud Investments

The healthcare industry was hit hard by the pandemic as it tackled the toughest of challenges around the globe- slowing down the virus, managing hospital capacity, keeping its staff safe, and ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality. Contact centers were busy far beyond capacity, driving organizations of all sizes to accelerate investments in s...

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05 Oct 2021  |  North America

Global Customer Perspectives on Contact Center Trends by Country

Impact of COVID-19 on Top Contact Center Markets

Frost & Sullivan surveyed 661 IT decision-makers around the globe to IT/Communications to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of COVID-19 and their plans to exceed CX expectations as the world recovers from the pandemic. COVID-19 accelerated the move towards self-service, allowing many companies to invest in technology that deflects calls...

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31 Aug 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Navigating Digital Transformation Through COVID-19 and Beyond, Asia-Pacific

Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation Projects and Leverage Flexible Cloud Services to Enable Faster Return to Growth

This research service provides the data collected through an online survey of 804 IT and telecom decision makers across customer size segments, industries, and world regions. The survey was conducted in November and December 2020 and the following respondents qualified. • IT/telecom decision makers in organizations with more than 10 employe...

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16 Jun 2021  |  Europe

Frost & Sullivan Cloud User Survey, European Edition, 2020

Survey Results Indicate the Impact of the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic on European Enterprises, their Technology Programs, and their Journey to the Cloud

The 2020 Frost & Sullivan Cloud User Survey (European Edition) reveals the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on European enterprises priorities and technology investments. Conducted in August 2020, the survey garnered responses from 434 IT and business decision-makers from 4 European countries, namely France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain. ...

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31 May 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Indonesian Banking Customer Experience Management Study 2021

Benchmarking Industry Excellence in Delivering a Superior Customer Experience

Customer experience is the accumulation of a customer's experiences throughout his/her journey with a supplier across functions, products, services, and touchpoints. This study adopts the proprietary Customer Experience Index methodology and the widely used Net Promoter Score metric to understand the dynamics between customers and retail banks in I...

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28 May 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Indonesian Telecommunications Customer Experience Management Study 2021

Benchmarking Industry Excellence in Delivering a Superior Customer Experience

Indonesia continues to capitalize on the growing number of telecommunications users in Southeast Asia as many individuals rely on various telecommunications services and products for both personal and business uses. Frost & Sullivans Customer Experience Management study on the countrys telecommunications sector explores how customers perceive their...

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