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08 Nov 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of the Printed Electronics Market in Southeast Asia

The Market is Moving from Prototype to Mass Commercialization and will Generate Over $1 Billion by 2020

This study provides an understanding of the printed electronics market in Southeast Asia. It analyses the factors impacting the market and the major companies operating in the domain. It also provides a product-wise break-up and discusses key end users and compares competitors.

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08 Nov 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Vending Machines in the Age of the Internet of Things

IoT Could Transform Legacy Vending Operations by Leveraging Consumer Behavioural Data and Machine Statistics

Traditional forms of vending have relied on limited interactions between consumers and machines. Vending, in principle, is a retail operation that requires minimal human intervention and the machines should be as autonomous as possible. The connectivity afforded by the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable a fully autonomous vending operation and it...

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2 Item(s)