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18 Jul 2014  |  Europe

Executive Outlook of the Developments in the Polish Agricultural Tyre Aftermarket

Agricultural Tyre Aftermarket in Poland is Expected to Cross the 500,000-unit mark by 2017

The study aims to understand the aftermarket for agricultural tyres in Poland and its future growth. The study attempts to answer questions, such as: Is there a huge opportunity for agri tyres in Poland? If so, how big is this market? Does the premium or the volume segment make up the major portion of the market? What are the tyre suppliers doing i...

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06 Nov 2014  |  Europe

Strategic Corporate Profile of Qoros Global Operations

Connecting Smart Living and Mobility through Dedicated Telematics Business Model

This strategic corporate profile aims to provide an overview of Qoros Auto by identifying and interpreting factors that contribute to the success of the organization. This research discusses Qoros Autos product portfolio and sales performance. Furthermore, this strategic corporate profile also analyzes the companys global footprint, assesses key op...

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03 Dec 2014  |  Europe

Executive Insight into Active Steering Trends for Passenger Vehicles

Higher Adoption Rates Hinge on Reducing the Active Steering System Cost

Dubbed as the next big thing in the automotive industry, active steering solutions failed to live up to the hype. Launched in 2003, BMWs active steering solution was supposed to be a game changer. With subsequent launches by other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), namely with rear wheel steering (RWS) and all wheel steering (AWS), the market...

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30 Jun 2014  |  Europe

Global Innovations and Technology Trends in Power Train Thermal Management

Improved Intelligence and Compatibility with ICE’s and Electrified Powertrains to be the Key Driving Factors Towards 2020

This insight features the recent trends in powertrain thermal management and examines the key market opportunities for this technology. It also highlights the factors that drive the growth of powertrain thermal management technology. The study provides a roadmap of the near, medium, and long-term scope of thermal management, with a brief analysis o...

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4 Item(s)