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This edition of the Energy and Power Systems Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the design and fabrication of a nickel-based cathode for enhancing performance of Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, use of graphene coatings to reduce the degradation of electrodes in high energy density-based Li-ion batteries, and the...

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This edition of the Inside R&D Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features biocompatible hip joint replacements that are less prone to infections, plasma process for manufacturing perovskite solar modules, use of cold plasma technology to effectively minimize the spread of coronavirus. The TOE also features use of laser based technology for enhanc...

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04 Dec 2020  |  Global

Frost Radar™: Bifacial Solar Technology

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

Renewable energy integration has been a key phenomenon within the energy industry to reduce dependency on fossil fuels while ensuring environmental sustainability. Solar energy has been among the primary technologies addressing the concerns associated with climate change and depleting conventional fuel reserves. Solar companies today are continuous...

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30 Nov 2020  |  Global

Next-generation Smart Metering Intelligence to Unlock the Future Grid Potential

The Second Wave of Rollouts and Smart Meter Use Cases to Proliferate, Driving Grid Transformation Services in Energy Transition, Amidst Transforming Customer Experience and Offerings

The global smart meter market continued to register strong growth in 2019, as major rollouts continued to accelerate. China led the trail and various pockets of Europe went ahead with large-scale pilots and installing second-generation smart meters. China continued to account for more than half of the global market, holding 56.2% of the total shipm...

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25 Nov 2020  |  Global

Advances in Green Hydrogen Create Opportunity across the Global Power Sector

Growth Potential Enhanced by Regulatory Frameworks, Rollout of Renewable Energy Sources, and Innovations in Electrolysers Technology

Increasing concerns about carbon emissions and the need to decarbonize the industrial, commercial, transport, and power sectors have forced countries to reduce their dependency on fossil fuel-based systems and increase deployment of renewable energy sources (RES). To meet the 1.5-degree Celsius target, global renewable energy capacity should increa...

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24 Nov 2020  |  Global

Power-to-X Technology Advancements and Techno-economic Perspective

Power-to-X Technology Delivers Energy Decarbonization Opportunities

Transition to a carbon-neutral energy economy requires a more environmentally-friendly energy carrier. Hydrogen and its multiple end-use applications play a huge role to contribute to decarbonization of major sectors of the economy. Power-to-X (P2X) is an interconnections concept between the different energy carriers, which promotes the integration...

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This issue of Oil and Gas Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features use of virtual reality solutions for providing cost-effective training to oil & gas operators, the use of augmented reality solutions to enable remote assistance for resolving oil and gas equipment faults and the use of real- time systems to monitor equipment and to ensure worke...

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17 Nov 2020  |  Global

Innovative Business Models Emerging from Digitalization in Generators, Global, 2020

Enhanced Customer Experience through Digital Energy Transformation Creating Growth Opportunities

Investment in digital technologies is booming across all industries, including power generation. This research aims to identify the generators industrys current use and future decision-making trends toward digital transformation. A recent Frost & Sullivan study found that 99% of businesses are at a particular digital transformation stage. Technolo...

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This edition of the Energy and Power Systems Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the use of solid state electrolytes in sodium-ion batteries, which can withstand higher operating temperatures, development of silicon-based tandem solar cells with improved energy conversion efficiency, and fabrication of all-organic redox flow...

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This edition of the Inside R&D Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers development of novel devices that overcomes the traditional limitations of pressure sensors, design and development of low cost graphene filters for efficient capturing of waste gases from industrial exhaust stream, and the use of genetic engineering for the development of s...

USD 950.00

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