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10 Dec 2013  |  Global

Global Marketing Automation Software Market

MAS Becomes a must have Tool, Enabling Marketers to Focus on Measurement, Driving Revenues

This global marketing automation software (MAS) market study discusses the drivers and restraints to growth, market trends, and technology trends. Global and regional forecasts are included. The base year is 2013 and the forecast period runs through 2020. The market is divided into 3 regions: NALA, EMEA, and APAC. The study covers pricing trends al...

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24 Sep 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Digital Signage Systems Market

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Interaction Drive Market Growth Across Verticals

This research service covers the global market for digital signage systems. Detailed global market trend analysisincluding market drivers, market restraints, technology trends, vertical analysis, and pricing analysisare provided in this research. Detailed unit shipment and revenue forecast is provided for: the total market, digital signage displa...

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19 Aug 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Dynamic Publishing Solutions Market

Proliferation of Digital Assets and Demand for Content Repurposing Fuels Double-digit Market Growth

This study covers the global dynamic publishing solutions market, with a market overview that includes drivers, restraints, forecast and trends, and market share and competitive analysis. Revenue forecasts are provided through 2017 for North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The dynamic publishing solutions...

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12 Aug 2013  |  Global

Global Marketing Process Optimization Solutions Market

Increased Need for Brand Visibility and Organized Marketing Processes Propel Growth

Frost & Sullivan defines the global MPOS market as a value chain of product suites that offers marketing departments capabilities including: planning, creating print/digital collateral, managing campaigns/workflow, benchmarking, analyzing, and integrating social media. The main drivers include growing need to structure/optimize marketing in organiz...

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29 May 2013  |  Global

Global IP Video Network Management Market

Widespread IP Adoption across Verticals Makes Investments in Video Monitoring Solutions Imperative

This study covers the global IP video network management market growth, market trends, competition, and competitor strategies. The market is in the process of ensuring the overall efficiency of video transmission over IP at the headend, through the transport stream, and at the edge of the network using monitoring products such as probes, analyzers,...

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01 Feb 2013  |  Global

Global Enterprise Content Management Market

Emerging Verticals and Geographies Show Explosive Growth Opportunities

This research service provides a detailed Market Engineering analysis of the Enterprise Content Management market, and includes insight into specific industry verticals including Healthcare, Government, and Business & Technology Services segments. This global perspective also examines the ECM value proposition in the North America/Latin America, As...

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28 Jan 2013  |  Global

Global Online Video Platforms Market

2012 OVP Market Rapidly Diversifying with Vendors Building Strong Market Niches

Frost & Sullivan defines an online video platform (OVP) as a fee-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) video solution that enables video content owners ingest, transcode, store, manage, protect, publish, syndicate, track and monetize online video. OVPs provide a one-stop shop for video conversion to any online video format and deliver those video file...

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07 Jan 2013  |  Global

Global Online Video Advertising Platforms Market

Video Growing at Twice the Rate of Traditional Display Ads

This study covers the state of the global online video advertising platforms market, examining the drivers and restraints for growth and pricing and technology, demand, and geographical trends. It includes a discussion on the following: online ad spending, online video ad spending, and online video advertising platforms. Market growth by regionNor...

USD 4,950.00

8 Item(s)