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26 Dec 2013  |  Global

High Growth Testing Opportunities—Global Ethernet Test Equipment Market

Cloud-based Services are Driving Demand for Ethernet Test Equipment

This research service provides a detailed analysis of the global ethernet test equipment market. This assessment includes market forecasts, an overview of the competitive structure and competitors market share, as well as end-user and segment analysis. Market drivers and restraints are assessed for their impact throughout the forecast period, which...

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18 Dec 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Oscilloscopes Market

The Advent of a Smart World Supported by Electronics Signifies Growth

The oscilloscopes market is the largest and fastest-growing product category in the general purpose test equipment industry. Mega Trends regarding connectivity, convergence and the advent of a programmable world indicate a bright future for this market. In this study, key industry challenges, drivers, and restraints are identified to form the basis...

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11 Dec 2013  |  Global

Global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications Test and Monitoring Equipment Market

Smart Homes, Telematics, and Healthcare Drive Demand for M2M Testing

M2M is a technology that allows 2 or more intelligent machines to communicate with each other without human intervention via a communication network. Once data is transmitted over the network, it is collected for analysis and assessed properly to extract essential information. M2M technology has been predominantly used in telematics applications. M...

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29 Nov 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Dimensional Metrology Market in the Aerospace Industry

Adoption of Large CMMs and Laser Trackers will Lead to Strong Market Growth

This research service provides detailed analysis of the global dimensional metrology market in the aerospace industry. The key technologies covered in this report are coordinate measuring machines (CMM), optical digitizers and scanners (ODS), vision measuring machines (VMM), and measurement gages. In addition to these technologies, this study cover...

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31 Oct 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Ultrasonic Non-destructive Test Equipment Market

Phased Array Ultrasonic Test Equipment Outpacing the Market

The global ultrasonic non-destructive test (NDT) equipment market was impacted severely by the economic recession of 2009 to 2010. Since then, the market has done well to maintain a stable growth rate. This market engineering study discusses the current state of the total global ultrasonic NDT equipment market; it provides analyses for the followi...

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30 Sep 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global NDT Software Market

The Need for Intelligence and Better Analysis in NDT Software Drives the Market

This market insight provides an overview of the global non-destructive test (NDT) software market, which is closely correlated to the NDT equipment market. The service examines market drivers and restraints. It also contains an analysis of Porter's five forces, a revenue forecast, the market’s competitive structure, and percent revenue forecasts ...

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26 Sep 2013  |  Global

In-depth Analysis of the Global Portable/Handheld Test Equipment Market

LTE Deployments Across the World Drive Market Growth

This research service provides the key research findings of the global portable/handheld test equipment market. This market has 3 segmentsgeneral purpose test equipment, electrical test equipment, and environmental test equipment. This study features revenue forecasts from 2009 to 2019, while providing analysis of each market from pricing, end use...

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24 Sep 2013  |  Global

Global Wireless Test Equipment Market

Increasing Mobile Data Requirements from Smartphones and LTE Development will Spur Growth

The growth and evolution of the wireless test equipment market is influenced by developments in the wireless communications industry. An analysis of the global wireless test equipment market is provided in this research service. For the purpose of this study, the market is divided into the following segments: mobile device test equipment, base stat...

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06 Sep 2013  |  Global

The Global Long-term Evolution Test Equipment Market

Smartphone Adoption Drives Demand for LTE Test Equipment, Resulting in High Growth Opportunities

The number of long-term evolution (LTE) deployments in 2012 demonstrated that LTE technology has become the wireless technology of choice for global wireless operators. This study analyzes the key market trends, drivers, and restraints in the global LTE test equipment market. It provides an overview of the market’s competitive landscape and outli...

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09 Aug 2013  |  Global

Quantifying the Global Opportunity for LXI

LXI is Expected to Become the Next-generation Control Interface for Test Systems

The global LXI market is growing, replacing GPIB as the main control interface for box instrumentation. The increasing demand for automation and consumer electronics-like capabilities from instrumentation is driving growth. In this research service, Frost & Sullivan has attempted to quanitfy the market for such instrumentation, keeping in mind that...

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