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24 Jul 2017  |  Global

Analysis of Global Lithography Metrology Equipment Market, Forecast to 2021

IoT and Smaller Device Nodes Provide Promising Growth, while EUV and Other Technology Limitations Take a Toll on the Market

The lithography metrology equipment market is riding on the high wave of the semiconductor industry. The 2x and 1x nodes of memory and logic devices, coupled with the sensor and connected devices required to support the growth in IoT, self-driving cars, and ARs are among the key drivers which will drive the lithography metrology market. Worth $957....

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This issue of Sensor TechVision TOE profiles innovations, developments, and opportunities in wearable sensors for sign language communication via hand gestures, E-skin sensors for health monitoring, E-nose alcohol detection sensors, biosensors for detection and taste and scents, and handheld indoor air quality sensors. Sensor TechVision Opportuni...

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11 Jul 2017  |  Global

Outlook of the Global Analytical Instrumentation Industry, 2017 and 2018

Market Solutions that Reduce the Total Cost for Customers will Spur Market Growth

The total analytical instrumentation market generated $17,606.5 million in 2016. The pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life sciences end-user sector captured 34.3% in the analytical instrumentation market in 2016. This end user is the largest end user for chromatographs, molecular and elemental analysis spectrometers, and analytical microscopes s...

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27 Jun 2017  |  Global

Indian Video Surveillance & VSaaS Market, 2017

Shift from analog-systems to IP-based systems and rising consumer awareness of benefits of robust surveillance will drive increased adoption of survei

Increased economic activities, higher urbanization rates and growth in crime creates the need for surveillance, which is expected to grow in future. Given the currently nascent market, targeting the right customer segment with products and services that offer desired outcome along with educating customers of the associated benefits hold the key to ...

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16 May 2017  |  Global

Global Analytical Instrumentation Software Market, Forecast to 2023

Food Testing, Pharmaceutical, and Biopharmaceutical Sectors to Drive Automation Enabled through Software

The global analytical instrumentation software market constitutes the application, system, and libraries/database software used with the below listed analytical instrumentation. It includes software offered by key manufacturers, third-party solution providers, and licensing/upgradation charges. System manufacturers will have to partner with other s...

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12 May 2017  |  Global

Current and Evolving Opportunities for Professional Services in the Test and Measurement (T&M) Market, Forecast to 2021

Increasing Customer Outsourcing Drives Business Value for New Services

It is no secret that getting profitability from hardware in the professional services Test and Measurement (T&M) market has become increasingly challenging. As a result, there is a need for new designs to be more flexible to the constantly changing technology. It is not test equipment against test equipment anymore, and test equipment vendors canno...

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25 Apr 2017  |  Global

Global Market for Smart Handheld Metrology Devices, Forecast to 2023

Increasing the Accuracy of Smart Handheld 3D Optical Scanners will Create New Opportunities

This study discusses the opportunities and the evolution of smart metrology devices and their impact across various industry verticals till 2022. It analyzes recent market and technology trends, the significant proliferation of smart handheld metrology devices, and their future. Growing interest in industrial automation and enhanced quality inspect...

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19 Apr 2017  |  Global

New Services Growth Opportunities in the T&M Market

Innovative Game Changers are Taking Initiatives to Implement Integrated Asset Management Services

Identifying growth opportunities in the test & measurement industry beyond the existing business could bring about changes in the competitive landscape. It is no longer test equipment vs. test equipment: Manufacturers cannot focus on hardware alone. Instead, the potential exists for an entirely new services model that focuses on platforms and the e...

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27 Mar 2017  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Metrology Software Market, Forecast to 2021

Software Usage Shifting from Inspection to Analysis and Reverse Engineering

This research service analyzes the global trends in the metrology software market. Growing interest in industrial automation is driving the importance of software and this is expected to augment the growth prospects of the software market. This study focuses on the various market dynamics, challenges, Mega Trends, and other factors that are likely ...

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03 Mar 2017  |  Global

Global Biopharmaceutical Analytical Instrumentation Market, Forecast to 2022

Analytics Required for Biosimilar Drugs to Stimulate Market Growth

The global biopharmaceutical analytical instrumentation market generated a revenue of $1,092 million in 2015 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2% from 2015 to 2022. The biosimilars segment, which is expected to reach $35 billion in 2025, will strongly drive the biopharmaceutical analytical instrumentation marke...

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