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24 Nov 2015  |  North America

US Remote Patient Monitoring Market

Is it Finally Ready to Make a Difference?

This study covers clinical-grade remote patient monitoring as it is evolving within the US through 2020. The market is assessed from the perspective of two segments: 1) home healthcare and post-acute care and 2) Chronic Condition Management and Disease Management. The total market growth is forecasted based on a view of the most likely scenario dri...

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06 Nov 2015  |  North America

Health Insurance Information Technology: US Overview and Outlook, 2014-2020

Changing IT Priorities for Next Generation Health Plans

Healthcare payers are grappling with a number of significant challenges that are upending their traditional business models and operational processes. To tackle these many challenges, health insurance organizations are actively looking at information technology as a lever of operational efficiency and transformational change, with spending prioriti...

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05 Nov 2015  |  North America

Analysis of the US Breast Imaging Systems Market

A Guide to One of Medical Imaging’s Key Multi-modality Hubs

This research service presents an analysis of the breast imaging systems market in the United States. It provides an in-depth analysis of the current trends, market size, revenue forecast, drivers and restraints, market penetration, and market attractiveness. Segments that are covered include X-ray mammography (with analog, digital radiography, co...

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30 Oct 2015  |  North America

US Ambulatory Electronic Health Record Market: 2015 - 2020

What to Expect as the Focus Shifts from Adoption to Optimization

This study analyzes trends in the US ambulatory electronic health records (EHR) market, predicts changes in market measurements through 2020, and provides an analysis of challenges facing market participants. Value-based reimbursement provisions, payer consolidation, and EHR optimization agendas will accelerate adoption among ambulatory practices. ...

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19 Oct 2015  |  North America

Analysis of Service Opportunities for the Medical Devices Manufacturers

Creating Sustainable Strategies in an Evolving Medical Device Landscape

The medical device sector is in a transitional period where stakeholders are seeking to concurrently enact seemingly contradictory measures of improving quality of care while reducing the cost burden of that care. The key to achieving these goals includes developing strategies towards operational efficiency. This research service evaluates the curr...

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30 Sep 2015  |  North America

Analysis of the Cardiac Biomarker Diagnostics Market

Emerging Biomarkers Disrupt and Spur Growth in the Heart Failure Segment

The cardiac biomarker diagnostics market is a niche but upcoming space in the United States. With regulations favoring personalized medicine and diagnostics, large companies are focusing their investment in researching and detecting new biomarkers to differentiate their products in this competitive market. In addition to growing prevalence rates th...

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30 Sep 2015  |  North America

The North American Patient Handling Systems Market

Increased Adoption of Patient Lifts in US Acute Care Hospitals Drives Market Growth

In this study of the North American patient handling systems market, patient lifts are broadly segmented as ceiling and floor lifts. End users are segmented as acute care hospitals, long-term care, and home care. The US market accounts for about 83% of the total market by revenue and is expected to grow faster than the Canadian market. Penetration ...

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Healthcare information technology systems to support provider financial management is a key area of growth and interest in the market. With shifts in models to value-based payments (VBR), this entails more financial risk for providers. Successful management of the transition to VBR can only be achieved when healthcare organizations are clinically a...

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21 Sep 2015  |  North America

Vital Signs - Review of AHRA 2015: Key Conference Takeaways and Gadolinium Based MR Contrast Agents Safety Issues

Overview of Top Themes from the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA)

A record-high attendance of 1,000 radiology directors and managers convened to the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA 2015) held this year in Las Vegas. Radiology is going through interesting times indeed. Under the coordinated care paradigm that is gradually emerging in the U.S., and with all the changes th...

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15 Sep 2015  |  North America

Development of Value-based Imaging

Driving Vendor-Customer Relationships in a Value-focused Medical Imaging Environment in the United States

A trickle-down effect from healthcare reform, together with a transformation operated from within, is pushing the medical imaging industry into a value-focused environment. Although it does seem that the volume-to-value transition in medical imaging will be more of a gradual process than an overnight change, it is already well underway. Its impact ...

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