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12 Dec 2017  |  North America

Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—The United States

Technological Advancements and Strong e-Commerce Growth will Drive Freight Demand and Warehouse Segment Growth

The US economy underwent lackluster growth in 2016 due to a sharp decline in the energy sector, reduced exports, and a drop in investment due to the appreciation of the Dollar. Expansionary fiscal policies, supported by a rise in public investment and tax cuts, are expected to boost the economy in 2018. A rise in wages is likely to offset the slugg...

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28 Nov 2017  |  North America

Strategic Profiling of Amazon and eBay in the Automotive Aftermarket in North America and Europe, Forecast to 2023

Aging Vehicles, Better Pricing and Technology Advancements will Continue to Fuel Amazon and eBay’s Automotive Aftermarket Ambitions, Despite Logistics Challenges

This deliverable focuses on profiling the expanding presence of Amazon and eBay in the North American and European automotive aftermarket. The study focuses on aftermarket eCommerce in selling replacement parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The geographic scope of the study is North America and Europe, and the base year is 2016....

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14 Jul 2017  |  North America

US New Car Sales Strategies and Technologies, 2016

Digital Retail Technologies at New Car Dealerships Target to Reduce the $130 Billion Worth of Inventory in Stock

Automotive inventories are at an all-time high and traditional automotive retail practices are not facilitating faster sales to reduce the inventory that is crippling the margins of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Moreover, the adoption of electric vehicles has not made a sizable impact as expected by the industry. There is a distinct need...

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18 May 2017  |  North America

Future of Sports Utility Vehicles in the United States, 2016-2022

Socio-Economic and Political Influence Projected to Drive SUV Segment Market Share to 42% in the US by 2022

SUVs in the US have been growing steadily since 2012 and have over taken passenger cars as the largest selling passenger vehicle segment in US in 2016. This recent spike in SUV sales has encouraged auto OEMs to capitalize on the demand and increase their SUV model line-up. Over 20 new SUV name plates across both luxury and non-luxury segments are e...

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22 Mar 2017  |  North America

Global Strategic Market Analysis for Electrified SUVs, 2016

Due to Average Emission Targets, OEMs Aim to Reduce SUV Segment Emissions by Adopting More PHEVs and FHEVs to Lead the Adoption of Electrified SUVs

Due to average emission targets, OEMs aim to reduce SUV segment emissions by adopting more PHEVs and FHEVs to lead the adoption of electrified SUVs. This study aims to analyse and forecast the global e-SUV market outlook and technology trends for 2016. Research Scope: • Market trends (emission regulations/mandates, upcoming vehicle segment, ...

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15 Feb 2017  |  North America

2017 North American International Auto Show Highlights

Crossovers and SUVs Dominate at the Cobo Center in Detroit, with over 15 New Models among the 26 New Releases

This growth insight presents strategic content from the 2017 North American International Auto Show, which was held in Detroit from Jan. 8 to 22. As one of the most important automotive events in the United States, many major automakers display their new and upcoming releases and concepts. At this year’s event, the focus was on technological adva...

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6 Item(s)