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23 Nov 2021  |  North America

Frost Radar™: US Long-haul Autonomous Trucking Technology Companies, 2021

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

The trucking industry is plagued by driver shortages, higher vehicle prices, fuel price volatility, safety concerns, and performance limitations amid rapidly transforming freight handling, stocking, and distribution practices. Autonomous driving technologies would help to address some of these challenges by providing a cost-effective and safe m...

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22 Nov 2021  |  North America

Mexican Light Vehicle Leasing Growth Opportunities

Flexible Leasing Plans Impact Customer Experience and Represent a Key Growth Strategy

Vehicle leasing can be a solution to the growing number of challenges companies face concerning their mobility needs. These include challenges associated with vehicle funding, fleet maintenance, and, more importantly, residual risk handling. Businesses seek to focus on their core products/services and outsource support activities. Mobility is a sig...

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16 Nov 2021  |  North America

Global Electric Two-wheeler OEM Strategies and Growth Opportunities

With the Global Emergence of Electrification, Electric Two-wheelers have Taken a Huge Leap Forward, Leading to Technological Advan

With the growing electrification of vehicles across the globe, there has been increased demand for electric vehicles, especially electric two-wheelers, as they are the fastest growing transport mode in most developing countries. Further, the COVID-19 situation has also forced commuters to avoid public transport and transition toward personal mobili...

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16 Nov 2021  |  North America

Global Electric Vehicle Charging Outlook, 2021

Charging Infrastructure is Witnessing Transformational Growth Driven by Rapid EV Penetration

In 2020 the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) accelerated across the world, particularly in Europe and the US. This growth was driven by heavy incentivization to promote EV sales and boost the overall automotive market. Global EV penetration in 2020 was 4.8%. In Europe it was 9.7%, and in the US, it was 2.3%. This rapid growth has sustained into ...

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26 Oct 2021  |  North America

North American Used Car Growth Opportunities

Lack of New Cars for Sale and Demand for Digital and Contactless Services Influence Growth Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic and global shortages of microchips have had a huge negative impact on the North American used car market (the United States and Canada). Factories and dealerships remained closed during lockdowns, which stalled car production and sales. After they reopened, the lack of microchips interrupted car production once more. Although ...

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03 Nov 2021  |  North America

Latin American Used Car Growth Opportunities

Innovative Business Models Influence Growth Strategies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru

Latin America is going through challenging times with isolation measures and economic difficulties due to COVID-19. The global microchip shortages and the closure of regional automotive factories impacted new car sales, and stimulated the rise of their prices. It also provoked the increase of used car sales and prices in the region. In 2020, 18.5 m...

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22 Oct 2021  |  North America

North America and Europe Commercial Vehicles Electric Drivetrain Supplier Profiles and Growth Opportunities

Value Chain Integration and Capability Expansion Critical to Spur the Growth of Commercial Vehicle Electric Drivetrain Suppliers

To meet international climate targets and develop sustainable zero-emission technologies, the mobility industry is expediting the transition to powertrain electrification to gradually reduce dependence on diesel powertrains. Governments and global vehicle manufacturers are evaluating various pathways to achieve carbon neutrality, with investments a...

USD 4,950.00
12 Oct 2021  |  North America

Global Off-Highway Fuel Cell Electric Equipment (FCEE) Growth Opportunities

Strategic Partnering, Innovative Fuel Cell Concepts, and the Integration of Production, Storage, and Refueling are Top Growth Stra

Hydrogen is turning out to be a very good alternative to fossil fuels. A wide range of industries are developing hydrogen fuel cell technologies for different applications. Mobility is one of the top industries where hydrogen fuel cell can be used to reduce carbon emission. Hydrogen fuel cell powertrains in the off-highway industry will compete wit...

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08 Oct 2021  |  North America

North American and European Commercial Vehicle Electric Drivetrain Growth Opportunities

Axle Electrification is Evolving While Manufacturers are Exploring Choices for Seamless Portfolio Transition and New Concept Vehicles

To meet global climate targets and develop long-term sustainable zero-emission technologies, the mobility industry is expediting its transition to the electrification of powertrain portfolios to gradually reduce dependence on diesel powertrain. Governments and vehicle manufacturers across the world are evaluating different pathways to achieve carbo...

USD 4,950.00
17 Sep 2021  |  North America

North American and European Connected Motorcycles Growth Opportunities

Motorcycle Manufacturers Spearheading Embedded Connectivity and Electrification Growth Strategies will Capture Huge Revenues from Connected Services

The connected motorcycles study for North America and Europe provides an insight into the technological development and innovations of the new decade that will transform the motorcycles industry. The current generation of motorcycles will have new technologies such as embedded connectivity, artificial intelligence, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) s...

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