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17 Jul 2012  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Lubricants Market in Egypt and Nigeria

Market Entrants Face Challenges

Increasing economic development and rising middle income is set to stimulate the demand for passenger and commercial vehicles in both Nigeria and Egypt. This research service covers the Nigerian and Egyptian lubricants market for both the automotive and industrial segments, examining drivers and restraints affecting growth. Included are volume fore...

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30 Mar 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

GCC Food & Beverage Retail Market Outlook, 2021

Evolving Consumer Behavior, Retail Trends, and Dynamic Growth Strategies Propel Value Chain Transformation

This research service aims to outline the growth outlook and top predictions for 2021 for the GCC food & beverage retail market. The scope of the study comprises analysis of six key categories: cereals, bakery, dairy, meat, fruits & vegetables, and beverages across KSA, UAE, and RoGCC. The outlook offers a perspective into the disruptions that occu...

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05 Nov 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Frost Radar™: Indian Petrochemicals Market, 2020

A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

In a field of more than 25 Indian Petrochemical industry participants, Frost & Sullivan independently plotted the top 10 companies in this Frost Radar™ analysis. The Frost Radar™ on the Indian Petrochemicals Industry is a competitive benchmarking tool on the Growth and the Innovation potential of select petrochemical companies that have based t...

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30 Sep 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Paints & Coatings Growth Opportunities

Durable Waterborne and Polyurethane Coating Technologies Represent Future Growth Potential

This study presents an assessment of the current status of and prospects for the KSA paints and coatings market. It analyzes the volume shipment and revenue generated from paints and coatings from 2017 to 2025; revenues are recorded at the manufacturer level. Decorative paints include interior and exterior architectural coatings used in the reside...

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11 May 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Petrochemical Feedstock and Downstream Derivatives Growth Outlook, 2020

The Indian Petrochemicals Market is Expected to Cross the INR100 Billion Mark in 2020, Driven by Robust End-use Growth, Technology Innovation, and Favorable Government Regulations and Incentives

Throughout 2019, India’s petrochemicals segment exhibited steady growing demand and diversified investments in the country. After experiencing a lull in 2018, the overall investments rebounded in 2019 especially in areas such as rural roads, highways, housing, auto, cement & steel, and chemicals & petrochemicals. The US-China trade war has been f...

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30 Dec 2019  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Assessment of Materials Start-up Ecosystem in India

Need for Material Innovations for Mobility, Packaging, and Energy Storage is Boosting the Indian Materials Start-up Ecosystem

India’s automotive industry is gaining significant momentum due to rapid economic growth and profitability. Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative played a major role in promoting start-ups in the country typically in the automotive industry. Increasing population, urbanization, and emphasis to curb carbon emissions to maintain CAFE...

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03 May 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Analysis of Green Materials in the GCC Construction Sector

The Drive Towards Sustainability is Fuelling Growth in the Region

This is an in-depth study covering the current state as well as the future potential of green construction materials in the GCC. The scope of this research service includes insight into green products, drivers and restraints, demand forecasts, trends, market shares and analysis for four segments, namely; concrete, paints, insulation and flooring. T...

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10 Apr 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Analysis of Polypropylene (PP) Downstream Applications in the GCC Region

Identification of Promising Target Opportunities for Local Conversion

This study encompasses the analysis of the current competitive scenario in the polypropylene market of the region as well as the future potential for the demand of polypropylene through end-user approach. The study is aimed at identifying the most important end-user markets for polypropylene in the region, which companies willing to invest in the d...

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25 Mar 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Trends and Opportunities in Surfactants for Personal Care

Innovation and Increasing Consumer Demand will Help the Indian Market Undergo a Paradigm Shift

The Indian surfactants industry comprises a few large multinational manufacturers, and several local manufacturers who constitute the unorganized segment. Consumer surfactants are the fastest growing segment in India and will assume the largest market share in the future. The main growth driver is the expanding middle class segment, restrained by i...

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10 Apr 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the GCC Paints and Coatings Market

In depth Sector Analysis to Provide Current Market Scenario, Trends and Future Prospects

This research service presents a comprehensive analysis of the paints and coatings market in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which consists of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman (Oman), Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This strategic analysis encompasses current and future trends, the competitiv...

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