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24 Mar 2020  |  Africa

Middle East and Africa Biostimulants Market, Forecast to 2025

South Africa will Lead Growth, with Increase in Awareness About the Use of Biostimulants in the Region

Crop quality and quantity are influenced by biotic and abiotic factors. Abiotic factors include soil composition, salinity, acidity, temperature, drought, pollution, humidity, rain, wind, and ultraviolet radiation. Stress caused by unfavorable conditions significantly reduces harvest yields, as plants respond to such conditions by using their energ...

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19 Jun 2018  |  Africa

Rest of the World Phytonutrient Ingredients Market, Forecast to 2022

 ‘Living Healthy’ Trend Among Consumers will Propel Carotenoids, Phytosterols, Vitamin E, Polyphenols & Flavonoids Markets

There is growing demand for phytonutrient rich products globally and the increasing awareness for health & wellness among older & younger population has led to advancements in extraction technologies by ingredient manufacturers. This has resulted in constant innovations with novel extracts across different ingredient types. These factors will stimu...

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25 Oct 2016  |  Africa

The Maize and Wheat Flour Market in Kenya, Forecast to 2020

Growing B2B Demand for Wheat Flour Calls for Business Model Changes Involving Vertical Integration and Local Sourcing Strategies

The Kenyan maize and wheat flour market will show strong growth (CAGR of 7.3%) over the next 5 years as changing consumer preferences for wheat flour, improving retail accessibility, and increasing market sophistication drive demand. Worth $738.1 million in 2015, the Kenyan wheat flour market is expected to reach $1.15 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of ...

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11 Dec 2015  |  Africa

Market Analysis for Industrial Ethanol and Fuel Ethanol from Biomass in Africa

Government Blending Mandates Drive Bioethanol Demand

This market insight analyses the use of biomass in Africa for the production of industrial and fuel ethanol. After a brief overview of the global bioethanol market, the study focuses on the African market, as well as selects raw materials used in bioethanol production. These raw materials include maize, sorghum, and sugarcane. A detailed overview o...

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25 Nov 2015  |  Africa

Supply Chain in Africa: An Overview of Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozambique

Planned Port and Transport Corridor Infrastructure to Boost Intra-African Trade

Connectivity between African countries is very limited, and intra-regional trade is currently only 12% of the continents total trade. This is mainly due to poor transport infrastructure, conflicting trade rules, and cross-border restrictions. This market insight analyses the base and intermediate chemical supply chain in Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozamb...

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23 Nov 2015  |  Africa

Construction PlasticsGlobal Trends Impacting South Africa and Nigeria

Convergence of Technology and Industry Demand Encouraging Growth

This research identifies the global trends of plastics used in construction and analyses the trends that are being adopted locally in South Africa and Nigeria. It also highlights the countries with best practices in construction plastics, green movements, and sustainable initiatives that are impacting the construction plastics industry in South Afr...

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11 May 2015  |  Africa

Analysis of the South African Food Sweetener Market

The Impact of Proposed Food Regulations on the Sweetener Market

This market insight provides an overview of the South African sweetener market and provides forecasts for sugar consumption, polyol consumption, and non-nutritive sweetener consumption in volumes, until 2019. The drivers and restraints for each segment are outlined, in addition to a discussion on the potential impact of the proposed regulations pub...

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23 May 2014  |  Africa

Overview of the Maize and Sugar Cane Markets in South Africa and Other Selected African Countries

African GM Crop Cultivation Remains Limited in the Short to Medium Terms

This market insight provides an overview of maize production and agro-processing in South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, and sugar cane production and agro-processing in South Africa and Egypt. The current and potential expansion of genetically modified (GM) crops in Africa is also discussed, highlighting the challenges in its adop...

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06 Jun 2013  |  Africa

The Market for Crop Protection Chemicals in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Growing Crop Protection Market Presents Substantial Opportunity

This research service provides an overview of the crop protection chemicals market in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. It provides market drivers, restraints and key macro economic indicators. Key market participants, market sizes, and product segmentations are also included. A discussion on country-specific trends and various inputs affecti...

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22 May 2013  |  Africa

Overview of the Food Preservatives and Colourants Markets in South Africa and Nigeria

Are South Africa and Nigeria Following International Trends by Demanding Natural Additives?

This market insight compares regulations used in and trends identified for the international food preservatives and colourants markets with those in South Africa and Nigeria. Topics include drivers and restraints for the food preservatives and colourants markets in both South Africa and Nigeria as well as an overview of each countrys competitive l...

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