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26 Apr 2019  |  North America

US Consumers’ Priorities, Preferences, and Willingness to Pay for Powertrain Systems and Features, 2018

Customers are Willing to Consider xEVs While Purchasing their Next Car

Declining diesel share gives rise to newer opportunities for electric vehicles. Understanding consumer needs becomes quintessential toward driving future mobility developments. This research focuses on consumer needs and their willingness to pay for various powertrain features and electric vehicles. The respondents were questioned based on numerous...

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16 May 2013  |  Latin America

360 Degree Analysis of the Latin American Automotive Aftermarket

LATAM Aftermarket to Grow by 28% between 2012 and 2017 to be Worth $32.5 B by 2017

This research service covers the automotive aftermarket in the main countries of South America. The study focuses on the light vehicles market, and covers Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, along with insights into other smaller Latin American countries. The objective is to provide a strategic insight for decision makers and potential ...

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11 Jan 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the Global Market for Dual Clutch Transmission Technology in Passenger Vehicles

Europe and China to Propel Global DCT Volumes

OEMs and suppliers are constantly driven to innovate and improve technologies to adhere to stringent emission norms and meet dynamic customer demands. In the quest for improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance that advancements in transmission technologies can provide, global stakeholders expect DCTs to play a defining role in the global tr...

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This study covers the state of the Chinese electric vehicles market, examining market drivers, restraints for growth, challenges for customer adoption, regulatory environment and government incentives to promote sales and finally competitive dynamics of local and foreign vehicle manufacturers in China. Following these market potential for the overa...

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This research service provides an overview of global market for vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication systems. The research covers the recent developments in this field and feasibility of deployment of these solutions. The study offers valuable insights into the market dynamics, trends, challenges, future outlook and the op...

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The study focuses on passenger and commercial vehicles, in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. The study provides an overview of the current status of the Latin American automotive market and analyses the design and engineering activities that take place. The study then analyses the current level of outsourcing and how this is expected to change through ...

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This executive report was compiled and presented to the transportation authorities and policy makers of the United Kingdom Government. The research focuses on different mobility solutions for rural population of the United Kingdom. The study illustrates the current transportation infrastructure and roadmap for the future.

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To analyse the global market for Personal Rapid Transit and also focus on key trends in design and development of a potential emerging Personal Rapid Transit market

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This research service focuses on analysing the market potential body-in-white vehicle structures in Europe. Market size, key trends and drivers and restraints, comparative analysis, scenario analysis have been discussed in detail in this research service.

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The study offers a detailed strategic analysis of the diagnostic instrumentation market segmented into two product groups with emphasis on the characteristics of the market, the market trends by countries/regions and in total for western Europe, the growth, or slackening in demand, for the different diagnostic instrument products, Changes in future...

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