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18 Mar 2013  |  Global

Global Mega Trends and their Implications on Urban Logistics

Global Spending on Urban Logistics to Reach $5.980 Trillion by 2020.

This study seeks to analyse the impact of global mega trends—including urbanisation, bricks and clicks, connectivity, and multimodality—on the growing market of urban logistics. Urban logistics is a dynamic and crucial subset of the logistics industry, which over the past decade has placed unique demands on the global supply chain. Mega Trends...

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16 Jan 2018  |  Global

Global OHV Engine Market, Forecast to 2022

Fuel-efficient and Compact Machines are the Future of the OHV Industry, Below 300 HP Engines for Excavators to Witness a CAGR of 11.5% During 2016–2022

This deliverable analyses the opportunities in the off-highway vehicle(OHV) engines market and provides market forecasts, drivers and restraints, challenges and opportunities, and the competitive landscape from 2016 to 2022. It also provides the Mega Trends and evolving technologies in the market. Engine manufacturers will increasingly embrace the ...

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02 Apr 2018  |  Global

Hybridization Trends in the Global Off-highway Vehicle Market, 2017–2025

Global Demand for Hybrid Off-highway Vehicles (OHVs) Will Double During the Period to Reach 51,585 Units in 2025

This aim of this study is to research, identify, and understand the global hybridization trends in select off-highway vehicle markets. OEMs and engine manufacturers are increasingly embracing the future Mega Trend of zero emissions by expanding their portfolio of powertrain options. The need to comply with the strengthening emission regulations and...

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20 Nov 2018  |  Global

Legislation Impact on Global Light Vehicle Fleet Leasing Industry, 2018

Leasing Companies Shall Endure With Strict Emission Laws to New Accounting Standards Through Innovative Products and Strategic Planning

The global vehicle leasing industry is currently facing pressure from legislators both directly and indirectly. Primarily, policy makers across the globe are drafting laws with an objective to curb vehicular pollution and decongest traffic. They impose laws in form of bans to vehicles powered by diesel engines, increase to annual vehicle ownership ...

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29 Nov 2018  |  Global

Future of Mass Market and Premium Performance Vehicles, 2025

Performance SUVs will be the Most Popular Segment with More than 12 Models Expected in the Next 5 Years

This research service offers an overview of the future of performance vehicles in the mass market and premium vehicle spaces. Performance vehicles are vehicles designed and manufactured with particular focus on speed and acceleration. Performance vehicles are generally used as a test bed for advanced technology and span all major automotive segmen...

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27 Dec 2018  |  Global

Global Farm Equipment Telematics Market, Forecast to 2023

OEMs Lead the Total Market; Asia-Pacific is to Dominate the Farm Equipment Market Growing at a CAGR of 19%

This study offers strategic analysis of the nascent market for the global farm equipment and global farm equipment telematics market in global geographies. It provides an overview of market trends, growth prospects, and key sectors for growth. It includes a market structure and outlook, market potential and opportunity analysis for the global farm ...

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25 Sep 2017  |  Global

Global Supplier Contribution to the Fastest Growing Automotive Technologies, 2012–2016

Powertrain Technologies Contributed to Over 60% of Total Technology Revenue in 2016

Research Scope: This study identifies the contribution of selected list of 30 global automotive suppliers’ contribution in 2016, across financial parameters and technological portfolio. The study identifies the fastest growing technologies in 2025 and measures growth through suppliers' contributions in these technologies, financial performance, a...

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12 Jul 2017  |  Global

Analysis of Digitization's Impact on Farm Mechanization

85–90% of the New Farm Equipment Sold in 2025 to Have a Precision Agriculture Component

This study aims to research and analyse the new era of digital transformation in the farming industry and to assess the value proposition of these new technologies that address the expectations of farmers in transforming their business practices. Adoption of agricultural technology has become imperative for farmers, as they are facing tighter farm ...

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29 Jul 2016  |  Global

Strategic Insight into the Indian Rail Market

By 2020, the Indian Railways Will Invest Over $100 Billion to Create Transformational Digital Change

This market insight provides an outlook of the growth opportunities for the rail industry in India. Ambitious government plans coupled with unprecedented levels of foreign investment are leading to a complete overhaul of the rail environment in India. Over 39 cities are planning to invest in expansive urban rail networks to address severe traffic c...

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27 Aug 2019  |  Global

Impact of Implementation of Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) on Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry, FY 2019

Implementation of BS-VI Norm to be a Major Disruptor for the Commercial Vehicle Industry, Impacting Largely the OEMs, Stakeholders, Industry Volumes, and Cost of Vehicle and Changing the Entire Ecosystem of CV Industry

The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of the implementation of Bharat Stage (BS)-VI norms in India on the commercial vehicle industry. The main objectives of this study are to provide a strategic review of the BS emission standards and the development of BS-VI engines. This study analyzes the challenges faced by the commercial vehicle ind...

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