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06 May 2021  |  Global

Micromobility Sharing Underpinning City Mobility Networks

Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Opportunities Due to Government Push, Regulatory Reforms and Advancement in Technologies

The global micromobility is poised to grow as one of the most attractive forms of sustainable mobility in the future. While the market was impacted severely by the COVID-19 crisis, it has also been one of the first mobility markets where demand has resurged. Micromobility has emerged as one of the most convenient, affordable, and safe modes of trav...

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The Mobility Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) for April 2021 covers innovations in autonomous aircraft navigation, in-vehicle information systems using extended reality, telematics powered E-Bikes, fast charging, mobile analytics, and AI powered solutions for vehicle damage detection, pedestrian safety, and others. The purpose of the Mobility T...

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30 Apr 2021  |  Global

Competitive Intensity Propelling the Global Autonomous Driving Industry Market, Outlook 2021

Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Growth Opportunities in L2 And L3 Piloted Driving Features

The automotive industry is among the most affected sectors in the pandemic and is currently amid progressive recovery in major markets. Autonomous driving has also faced challenges due to this. A few of them include a decline in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) sales, shortage in value chain components, delayed technology introduction, and shift in consumer...

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29 Apr 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Disruptive COVID-19 Influencing Malaysia’s Automotive Industry, 2021

Sales Tax Exemption on New Passenger Vehicle Softens the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Automotive Industry and Promotes Transformational Growth

In 2020, Malaysias Total Industry Volume (TIV) dropped 12.4%, compared to 2019, with only 529,434 units being sold. The Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment remained dominant with 90.8% market share. The sales tax exemption introduced between June and December 2020 spurred the demand for the segment. Sales of gasoline powertrain grew from 82.6% in 2019 ...

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26 Apr 2021  |  North America

2019 United States Automotive Technicians’ Choice

Opportunities in the Automotive Tools Market

This study covers the independent automotive aftermarket vehicle service technicians choice of tools. The survey was conducted using a computer-assisted telephone interview methodology in 2019. In total, 430 automotive technicians were surveyed for this research. To qualify as a respondent, an automotive technician has to be working at least 32 h...

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21 Apr 2021  |  North America

Evolving Market Conditions and Technology Trends Challenge Suppliers in the North American Class 4–8 Truck Axle Differential Aftermarket

Remanufactured Units are Top Choice for Customers and Open Up Strategic Partnering Growth Opportunities

Frost & Sullivan's research service on the class 4–8 axle differential aftermarket in North America forecasts market size through 2027; the base year is 2020, and the study period is 2017 to 2027. The study analyzes key medium-duty (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) truck axle differential replacement trends in the aftermarket. Market forecasts are derived...

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16 Apr 2021  |  Global

Innovative Business Models and Disruptive Technologies Powering the Global Shared and Autonomous Mobility Industry, Outlook 2021

Micromobility Sharing and Last-mile Delivery Driving Growth Opportunities

Growing population and congestion in cities worldwide remain key drivers for the emergence of shared mobility market segments. The segments include carsharing, peer-to-peer carsharing, eHailing, ridesharing (carpooling), demand-responsive transit, and micromobility services, such as bikesharing. Greater focus on commuting flexibility through real-t...

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08 Apr 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Transport & Logistics Sector to Fuel Thailand’s Connected Trucks Telematics Market

Understanding Fleet Operators’ Perceptions, Switching Behaviour, and Willingness to Pay Unlocks Future Growth Potential

The telematics market in Thailand has evolved over the years and gained a lot of momentum. After an increase in the number of road accidents and lives lost in commercial vehicle accidents, Thailands government enacted strict regulations for safety and operation that include telematics system installation on trucks and tractor-trucks used for transp...

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08 Apr 2021  |  North America

Strategic Insights into the Global SUV Market

SUVs are no Longer Considered Utilitarian Vehicles; they have Become a Prominent Part of Urban Mobility. Future SUVs Will be Designed to be a Part of Connected Car Networks and Will also Form the Basis of New Urban Mobility

The SUV is no longer just a utilitarian off-roader whose sole purpose is to transport goods and other essentials over hostile terrain. Over time, these vehicles have evolved and have started playing other roles as well, primarily as people carriers in urban and suburban areas; they are also used to make a statement of social standing in some region...

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07 Apr 2021  |  North America

Pro-green Government Policies and Incentives Power the Electric Bus Market

CASE Convergence and Value Chain Integration Will Ensure Transformational Growth

Electric buses will find traction across major regions driven by emission regulations, battery price drop, the emergence of low emission zones, purchase subsidy, and tax exemptions. The growing adoption of electric transit buses has enabled global sourcing and supply chain for alternate powertrain buses. The market is witnessing strong collaborati...

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