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29 Sep 2016  |  Global

Developments in Transparent Electronics (TechVision)

Advanced Materials and Display Technologies Drive Growth Opportunities

Transparent electronics is actively being pursued as a key technology as it has the ability to revolutionize various converging technologies. Developments in transparent electronics are largely dependent on prime enabling technologies such as the manufacturing process, organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) display technology, and material sciences. ...

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30 Aug 2016  |  Global

Biometrics in Banking

Adoption Still Nascent, but Considerable Traction Expected in the Short Term

Banking is fast becoming an emerging application for biometric technologies. Banks are increasingly focused on offering solutions that offer security coupled with convenience. In this research, market trends are analyzed and the impact they will have on the market over time. With Internet of Things (IoT) gaining prominence, biometrics in banking is...

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18 Aug 2016  |  Global

Sensors Innovations Transforming Mining (TechVision)

Increased Opportunities for Health and Safety Sensor

When it comes to the aspect of change, mining industry is very conservative. Mining operators are hesitant to adopt new solutions because of the fear of losing their jobs. Decisions related to the adoption of innovative technology are taken very cautiously and it is implemented only when it is necessary. So, at present health and safety of the mine...

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22 Jul 2016  |  Global

RFID in the Global Smart Cold Chain Market

Growth of Cloud Computing and Big Data to Ensure Smart Cold Chain

Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments: Product scope: Active RFID, Passive RFID, RFID sensor tags, RTLS Geographic scope: Global End-user scope: RFID companies, Food Manufacturers, Logistics service providers, Cold Chain companies, Food Retail Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies Revenue analysis and forec...

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23 Jun 2016  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Indian Point-of-Sale (PoS) Terminals Market

This research service analyses the Indian point-of-sale terminals market. India is the 13th-largest non-cash-payment market in the world. It has high potential to grow significantly as more merchants install PoS systems and accept card payments. Only 35% of the country’s population has bank accounts. The government’s initiative of providing ban...

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31 May 2016  |  Global

Global Sensor Outlook 2016

Sensors Move Towards Predictive and Control Space

Sensors are experiencing large-scale deployment in diverse end-user applications across all vertical markets. Sensors are used in multiple ways, such as standalone, integrated, combined, embedded, and, more recently, as wearable and ingestible. Sensors enable monitoring, tracking, and control through IoT connectivity in real time. Sensor technologi...

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02 May 2016  |  Global

Semiconductors in Wearable Devices Market, Forecast to 2022

Increasing Demands for One-stop Semiconductor Solution with Reduced Chip Size

This study discusses the opportunities of semiconductors in wearable devices and their impact on the industry till 2022. It provides the recent trends in the market, with significant proliferation of wearable devices, and the future of the semiconductors market, as well as technological trends. The wearable devices market is likely to record a mass...

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26 Apr 2016  |  Global

Global RFID Sensors Market, Forecast to 2022

Galvanized by Shift Toward Smart Business Models, New Opportunities Open in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics and Agriculture Applications

As businesses worldwide are moving toward smart models with increased connectivity and cloud and IoT applications, the role of RFID and RFID sensors has become all the more important. This market insight highlights the current application areas of RFID sensors across various vertical markets such as smart agriculture, smart manufacturing, and smart...

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12 Apr 2016  |  Global

RFID Market in the Commercial Aviation Industry, Forecast to 2020

Airbus Mandate to Provide Massive Growth Stimulus

This market insight assesses specific key global trends within the aviation industry and analyzes their impact on RFID technology adoption. The insight focuses on applications, such as supply chain, tool tracking, and part marking. It centers on the civil aviation aspect only and does not consider the government or military front. The emphasis on i...

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07 Apr 2016  |  Global

Global Temperature Sensors, Infrared Temperature Sensors, and Pyrometers Markets, Forecast to 2020

Innovation to Flourish as Non-contact Temperature Sensors Increase Penetration Across Diverse Applications

This research service provides a perspective on the global infrastructure and buildings market. It focuses on both end-user markets and key sensors used. The most significant trends, drivers, and restraints that impact each have been discussed. The research service focuses on both existing and forecasted revenues for the segments and total markets....

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