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01 Dec 2021  |  Global

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Growth Opportunities

Machine Learning and Quantitative DAS Driving Advancements in Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

Fiber optic sensing solutions utilize the light medium as the physical source to detect variations in temperature, acoustics, strain, and vibrational parameters. Fiber optic sensing uses an optical fiber cable as the sensor device to create a continuous point of sensing along the fiber cable. This method of sensing is known as distributed fiber opt...

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23 Nov 2021  |  Global

Sensor Materials, Processing, and Fabrication Growth Opportunities

Monolithic Integration and Self-assembling Processes Drive Advancements in the Fabrication and the Processing of Sensors.

•The sensors market is expanding, and it is regarded as one of the most promising areas in the semiconductor industry. Sensor technology is an evolving discipline that holds the potential to significantly improve the performance, durability, maintenance, and applicability of many engineering projects. Material science and engineering advancements...

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22 Nov 2021  |  Global

Emerging Growth Opportunities for Low-Power Integrated Circuits and Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies

Low-Power Design Advancements Supported by Emerging RF Standards Accelerate Future Growth Potential in Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

Power-efficient electronic devices capable of high-speed communication have become essential in today’s electronics-dominated world. Low-power integrated circuits (IC) and radio frequency (RF) technologies have evolved rapidly following the increase in portable electronics and internet of things (IoT) usage. Circuit design advancements, such as s...

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The Sensor Technology Opportunity Engine issue for November 2021 covers innovations in occupancy sensors, ultrasonic sensors, image sensors, and sensor fusion. Some of the innovations profiled include AI-based occupancy sensor for workspace management, collision avoidance using 3D ultrasonic echolocation sensors, RGBC sensors for smartphone cameras...

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The Sensor Technology Opportunity Engine issue for October 2021 covers innovations pertaining to fiber-optic sensors for vibration monitoring, 4D imaging radar for autonomous vehicles, sensor fusion, electro-chemical gas sensors, solid-state LIDAR with 180-degree view, food pollution detection sensors, infrared proximity sensors for wearables, and ...

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07 Oct 2021  |  Global

Sensor Fusion: R&D Portfolio and Growth Opportunity Analysis

Technology Enables High Accuracy in Environmental Perception and Finds Applications across Automotive, Healthcare, Marine, and Man

Sensor fusion is needed to ensure low latency in mission-critical applications such as autonomous vehicles and for effective decision-making by smart devices. Sensor fusion combines and processes multiple signals from various sources, carries out raw data fusion, and analyzes the data before enabling an effective response from the system about the ...

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22 Sep 2021  |  Global

Indian Mobile Phone Growth Opportunities

Future Growth Potential Linked to Rising Internet Penetration and Falling Smartphone Prices

While smartphone demand growth is waning worldwide, the Indian mobile phone market remains underpenetrated and is growing, offering substantial opportunities for every mobile value chain participant. In this report, mobile phones include smartphones and feature phones, with the latter further divided into two categories: simple and smart feature ph...

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The Sensor Technology Opportunity Engine issue for September 2021 covers innovations in sensors pertaining to occupancy sensing, flood sensing, UV sensing for skin care, motion tracking sensing, nanosensors for detection of plant hormones, cameras, biometric identification, radar and LiDAR. Sensor Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures glo...

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13 Sep 2021  |  Global

Global Gas Sensors, Detectors, and Analyzers Growth Opportunities

Future Growth Potential Due to Increased Safety and Security Requirements of Gas Sensors, Detectors, and Analyzers

The global gas sensors, detectors, and analyzers market is estimated to experience an approximate 3.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2025. End-user analysis of the following industries is discussed: • Oil & Gas • Chemicals & Petrochemicals • Water & Wastewater • Metals & Mining • Power Generation &...

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08 Sep 2021  |  Global

Global Sensor Fusion Growth Opportunities

Sensor Fusion Paves the Way for the Intelligent Devices Era

Sensors are an integral component found in most digital devices, from smartphones to intelligent vehicles. Industrial Internet of Things, smart cities and factories, autonomous cars, and telehealth create a need for sensor solutions that offer advanced data analytics for efficient usage of energy sources, improved health and safety, and environment...

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