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24 Oct 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions Market

Infrastructure Solutions Ease Uncertainties through Modularity, Scalability, and Controllability

The rapid expansion in data center capacities and the subsequent need to control the rack level energy consumption will pave the way for the data center infrastructure solutions market. Considering the introduction level of the market lifecycle of data center infrastructure solutions, this research service aims to present a framework to build a gro...

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24 Sep 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific UPS Market Update 2012

Large Project-based UPS Market to Create Strong Demand for End-to-End Infrastructure Solutions

This research service covers the current state and future growth opportunities for the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) market in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides an overview of the key market drivers and restraints, and their impact on revenue estimation during the forecast period. It provides a detailed analysis of the UPS market by power...

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29 Jan 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market

Japan to Lead the Way with 76.9 Percent of Installed Charging Stations by 2020

Following the Kyoto Protocol, countries in the Asia-Pacific region are motivated to adopt ‘green’ measures and reduce CO2 emission from automobiles and industries. One of the key focuses is to have 20.0 percent of total vehicles on road to be electrical vehicles by 2020. EVs are ’zero’ emission vehicles. Hence, the EV charging infrastructur...

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3 Item(s)