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08 May 2012  |  North America

U.S. Energy Challenges for 2020

Evaluating the Problem and Understanding the Possible Solutions

A growing population and improved economic conditions in the United States will raise energy consumption during the next decade. The U.S. goal of energy independence, the concern for unmet energy demand, and the growing awareness of the environmental impact of high consumption are the leading drivers behind growing interest in net-zero buildings an...

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06 Sep 2019  |  Asia Pacific

ASEAN Renewable Energy Market, Forecast to 2023

Solar Power is Becoming a Mainstream Source of Energy Across the Region

The ‘ASEAN Renewable Energy Market, Forecast to 2023’ focuses on the past, current, and future growth potential of Renewable Energy (RE) in the ASEAN region. The focus of this study is on three major technologies: solar PV, wind power, and bioenergy (biomass and biogas). The markets in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, an...

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14 Oct 2019  |  North America

Global Innovation in Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management, 2019

Advanced Technologies Enable Linear Supply Chains to Evolve Into Interconnected Digital Supply Networks

Determining which technologies to develop and communicating innovation’s value to include practices beyond Research and Development (R&D) is required to sustain a culture of continuous innovation and meet future demand in the upstream supply chain. However, the industry is still behind the curve in stressing this critical area. Upstream oil and g...

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