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18 Aug 2014  |  Africa

Analysis of the Large-scale Power Rental Market in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Promising Economic Outlook is Set to Fuel Projects in Nigeria and Kenya

Sub-Saharan Africa offers many opportunities for the large-scale power rental market (greater than 1 MW). Power infrastructure in the region is ageing, but is also largely underdeveloped due to decades of underinvestment. This is reflected in a low electrification rate, which is only around 31.8% for the entire region. Research was carried out by l...

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21 Aug 2014  |  Africa

The South African Electricity IndustryISMO and the Road to Reform

The First Step Towards the End of Eskom's Monopoly

Opening up the power generation sector to independent power producers is imperative as Eskom has shown some of its limits, such as severe funding shortfall, an extremely tight power system, and new-build projects being continuously delayed while power demand shoots. The dominant position of Eskom in power generation, transmission, and distribution ...

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13 Mar 2014  |  Africa

The Renewable Energy Services Market and its Potential in South Africa

Finding Pragmatic Solutions to Investor Questions

The South African renewable energy services market is in a nascent phase when compared to markets such as Spain, the United States, Germany, Australia, and other developed countries. This research service focuses on the job creation potential for the South African renewable energy services market. Because the market is still in the developmental st...

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17 Jan 2014  |  Africa

Annual State of the South African Electricity Industry 2012

Strategic Insight into a Rapidly Changing Market

The South African electricity industry is currently poised to enter a period of reform, particularly as discussions commence regarding the implementation of an Independent System and Market Operator (ISMO), which would take the transmission, distribution, system operator, and several other functions outside of Eskom. The country needs significant n...

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05 Sep 2014  |  Africa

Residential Energy Efficiency in South Africa

Governmental Support and Incentives are Key to Promote the Use of Energy Efficient Technology

Energy efficiency represents an economically attractive option of managing power demand via interventions across all sectors. Although the South African government has made important strides in implementing energy-efficiency initiatives, the countrys energy-efficiency landscape is still in its infancy stage. This research service focuses on the cu...

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14 Jul 2014  |  Africa

Overview of South Africa's Updated Integrated Resource Plan Released for Public Comment

Scenario Planning for South Africa's Electricity Generation Capacity

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is South Africas master plan for new electricity generation capacity. The Integrated Resource Plan was developed by South Africa's Department of Energy (DoE) and the document sets out the projected demand for electricity in South Africa and then addresses how this demand is going to be met, in terms of electricit...

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05 Aug 2014  |  Africa

East African Transmission and Distribution Industry

Oil Discoveries Increase Investment and Consequently T&D Growth

This research service provides a high-level analysis of the East African transmission and distribution (T&D) industry, focusing on the top 3 countries: Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The base year for the study is 2013, and forecasts for the industry are provided from 2014 to 2019. The study provides insights into the current state of the T&D market ...

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20 Jan 2014  |  Africa

Power Infrastructure Tracker in East Africa

Large Investment and Infrastructure Development to Drive Diversification of Energy Mix

This study analyses the power infrastructure sector in East African countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda and covers electricity generation, transmission and distribution. East Africa has the lowest access to electrical power and smallest per capita generation, as compared to the other regions in the African continent. The demand for elec...

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18 Apr 2013  |  Africa

Sub-Saharan African Power Plant Construction Market

The Power Industry Expands in Africa

The African power construction markets are rapidly expanding as a result of renewed energy infrastructure spending in Africa. This research service maps a strategic analysis of key projects currently underway in Sub-Sahara Africa as well as recently completed projects (2006-present). It further highlights the planned projects. It also supplies inte...

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13 Feb 2013  |  Africa

Southern African High Voltage Transmission and Distribution Market

 Will the Market Continue to be Uncertain?

The high voltage transmission and distribution market in Southern Africa is fraught with uncertainty. In order for the region to grow, a stable supply of electricity is required. Generation capacity can only be increased if there is stable transmission and distribution infrastructure in place. This research service offers a comprehensive analysis o...

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