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12 Apr 2021  |  North America

Global Generators Database, Forecast to 2025

A High-growth Segment Benchmarking System that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipeline

The global generator database monitors and forecasts growth opportunities and growth outlooks for applications and end-user segments affecting the global generator market. The database covers historical data from 2010 and forecasts through 2025. Revenue and unit forecasts in key performance areas will get companies ahead of the competition. We pro...

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This edition of the Industrial Bioprocessing TOE features information on the use of carbon dioxide mineralization technology for generating carbonate materials that can be used for synthesis of aggregates in the construction industry, development of pilot scale systems for generating renewable methanol using hydrogenation technology, and the integr...

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08 Apr 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Transformative Mega Trends in the Indian Solar Inverters Market

Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Rooftop Inverter Opportunities and C&I Segment Contribution

India is a signatory to the Paris climate change agreement, which requires at least 40% of its energy to be from renewable sources by 2030. By 2022, India targets 175GW from renewable sources, out of which it plans to achieve 100GW from solar sources with rooftop solar contributing about 40GW. The Ministry of Renewable Energy has launched a number...

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05 Apr 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Distributed Energy Rejuvenating the Power Sector in the GCC through Innovation and Efficiency, 2021

Growth will be Spurred by the Region's Drive to Diversify the Energy Mix and Embrace Clean Energy Sources

Globally, the electricity supply industry is undergoing a major transition with the phasing out of conventional power generation technologies, which are being replaced by renewable energies like solar energy and wind energy. In addition to utility-scale power generation, customers are now considering self-generation through distributed renewable so...

USD 4,950.00

This edition of the Oil & Gas TOE features information on the utilization of 4D surveys and data processing solutions for monitoring oil and gas wells, the deployment of 4D datasets in order to enable accurate decision making in oil and gas operations, and the use of seismic monitors for data acquisition during exploration and oil reservoir managem...

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19 Mar 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Digitalization and Decarbonization Powering Southeast Asia’s Medium Voltage Switchgear Industry

Future Growth Potential from Digital and Environmentally Friendly Value Propositions Driving Growth Opportunities

Southeast Asias medium voltage switchgear market includes Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia and covers voltages ranging from 1 kilovolt (kV) to 38 kV. Its growth is expected to continue at a steady 5.1% compound annual growth rate from 2020 to 2026, driven by rising power demand and grid connectivity across the ...

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This edition of the Energy & Power Systems TOE features information on the use of ultrafast photocurrent spectroscopy for the development of cost-effective perovskite-based solar cells, the use of superconducting materials for contactless power transfer, which enables easy charging of electric vehicles, and the development of thermally activated el...

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15 Mar 2021  |  Global

Electricity Market Modernization and Cost Reductions Powering the Global Grid Battery Energy Storage Market

Competitive Strategies from Optimization Services, Flexible System Designs, and Co-located Storage Capturing Growth Opportunities

Power utilities, system operators, and authorities worldwide increasingly regard grid battery energy storage as a core component of energy expansion plans. Key factors driving this consideration are increasing price competitiveness owing to declining technology costs, including for batteries and balance of plant, and the continual expansion of inte...

USD 4,950.00

This edition of the Oil & Gas TOE features information on the development of inspection robots for performing offshore field inspections with latest measurement tools, the development of casing cement breakers to eliminate the cost intensive approach of plugging and abandonment of used oil fields, and the use of hydrogen powered unmanned aerial veh...

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22 Feb 2021  |  Global

Global Power Generation Forecasts

Renewables to Dominate Investments Over the Next Decade

In terms of power generation investment, the 2020s will continue a trend that has gained pace in the 2010s – the rise of renewable energy. The continued move away from carbon-intensive power will gain popularity as renewable energy sources become increasingly cost-competitive against fossil fuels. Increased investment in transmission and distribu...

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