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This edition of the Energy & Power Systems TOE features development of solid-state batteries with enhanced energy density and high level of safety, use of sodium (Na)-ion batteries with fast charging capability and high thermal stability, and smart solar power generators that can provide electricity in regions with no access to the central power gr...

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17 Sep 2021  |  Global

Global Power Transmission Growth Opportunities

Future Growth Potential of Transmission Infrastructure Due to Growing Renewable Energy Installations and Grid Connectivity Projects

This research service is a comprehensive study of the transmission equipment (69kV and above) market growth over the next ten years (from 2021 to 2030). It includes transmission substation, power transformers, transmission cable length, and circuit breakers. The report covers North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, and Afri...

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This edition of the Inside R&D Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers integration of artificial intelligence and edge computing in novel modular systems to process data more accurately, use of near-field communication tag-based authentication to enhance customer engagement, and use of wireless charging for tugger trains to reduce downtime durin...

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07 Sep 2021  |  Global

Breakthrough Advancements in Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Advancements Driving Cost Effective Production of PEM Fuel Cells Enabling a Transition to Low Carbon Economy

Abstract: Transition to a carbon-neutral energy economy requires a more environmentally-friendly energy carrier. Hydrogen and its multiple end-use applications play a huge role to contribute to decarbonization of major sectors of the economy. Current power generating units cannot cater to emerging needs in reduction of greenhouses gas emissions. H...

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This edition of the Oil & Gas TOE features development of additive manufacturing-based software platforms for improving the overall efficiency of the oil and gas value chain. The TOE covers AI- and Big Data-enabled platforms for enhancing decision making skills in the oil and gas industry. The TOE also covers use of real-time monitoring tools for e...

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20 Aug 2021  |  Global

Global Digital Grid (Sensors, Meters, and Communications) Growth Opportunities

Future Growth Potential Enhanced by the Rising Need for Real-time Decision-making Solutions Among Grid Operators

This research study provides an overview of digital grid deployment initiatives globally. It also identifies the factors that will drive and pose challenges to the industrys move towards the digitalization of the transmission and distribution (T&D) network. The global digital grid (sensors, meters, and communication) market is expected to generate ...

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This edition of the Energy & Power Systems TOE covers design and development of reversible solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) for hydrogen production and power generation. The TOE provides information on the use of carbon nanostructure-based electrode materials for optimizing performance of a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer, and use of ...

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20 Aug 2021  |  North America

Power Distribution and Retail Digital Transformation Growth Opportunities

Shift Toward Multifunctional Cloud Platform Solutions Powers Future Growth Potential

Digitalization is the key enabler of decentralization and decarbonization, the other two Ds shaping the energy industry transformation. Cloud computing, Big Data, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are among technologies that enable the digital transformation of electric utilities and facilitate new ways of electricity production, storage,...

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This edition of the Inside R&D Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers innovations related to the integration of sensors in face masks for the detection of diseases, such as COVID-19, Ebola, and Zika. The TOE also focuses on the use of next generation quantum sensing that can be effectively used in aerospace applications, use of electric dischar...

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04 Aug 2021  |  Global

Global Alternators Growth Opportunities

Rising Demand for Generators will Drive Future Market Growth Potential

In this research service, Frost & Sullivan reviews the rising need for alternators in light of the growing demand from the commercial and the industrial sectors. The study also examines market drivers and restraints for the next 10 years. The rising need for power, along with growing customer awareness of the benefits of backup power, in light of t...

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