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06 Jan 2016  |  Global

Global Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2016

Next-Gen Wearables, Clinical Retail and POC Tests Drive Opportunity through Value-Based Transformation

In this research deliverable, Frost & Sullivan’s senior analyst team across the healthcare sector provides bold perspectives and predictions for the industry in 2016. The markets covered include pharmaceuticals and biotech, medical devices, medical imaging, and healthcare IT, amongst others. The analysis captures the impact of trends that are exp...

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30 Mar 2016  |  North America

Enabling Technologies in Global Surgical Robots Market

Robot-assisted Surgeries to Revolutionize Orthopedic, Gastrointestinal, Obstetrics/ Gynecological, Neurosurgery and Ocular Applications

Robots have increasingly become important in the field of surgical interventions due to growing complexity of surgical procedures for difficult diseases, and greater demand towards minimal invasive surgery. This research service highlights technological advances and innovations in surgical robots. The R&D network driving the growth of surgical robo...

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08 Mar 2016  |  North America

US Hospital Systems and Medical Imaging Vendors—Changing Business Models

Transactional Vendor-Hospital Relationships Evolving from One-time Purchases and Contracts into Long-term Strategic Shared-risk Partnerships

The relationships between imaging vendors and hopsital systems are evolving. From traditional one-time purchase and service contracts, vendors and hospital systems are currently entering into long-term strategic risk-sharing partnerships that enable care providers to optimize patient scanning experience, improve work flow efficiencies, reduce costs...

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11 Mar 2016  |  Latin America

Clinical Terminology Needs in Health IT Markets—Opportunity Analysis

Standardization Supports Foray into New Markets and Applications, SNOMED CT to Unlock Strong Growth Potential in Healthcare Big Data, Genomics, and Pharmacy IT

Healthcare interoperability is a global challenge for industry stakeholders. While a number of organizations are working towards developing and implementing industry standards, challenges emerge every day as technologies and their uses evolve. Advances in Big Data, genomics, and pharmacy information technology (IT) are helping to identify new appli...

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29 Feb 2016  |  Asia Pacific

SMART Healthcare Overview—HIMSS Asia Pac 2015 Digital Healthcare Week

Healthcare Interoperability and Patient Empowerment Emerge as Key Issues

The Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) AsiaPac organized the second annual Digital Healthcare Week, which took place in September 2015. The conference is regarded as a key industry event in the region, attended by leading health information technology vendors, healthcare providers, government personnel, industry experts, medi...

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24 Feb 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Convergence of Healthcare with Chemicals and Materials - Diversification of Business Models

As Core Markets Become Saturated or Commoditized, Foray into Healthcare Emerges as Important Strategic Move to Ensure Business Sustainability

Successful healthcare business models have evolved to increasingly focus on building customer excellence—both product and processes are important for a company’s business model to be successful. While a product provides the base, the process becomes very important for the good execution of the product and also to provide value to customers for...

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24 Feb 2016  |  North America

US Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Market, Forecast to 2020

Systemic Autoimmune Diseases to Spur Double-digit Market Growth as Participants Look to Unmet Needs and Game-changing Strategies to Boost Revenues

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), there are more than 80 types of autoimmune diseases, of which less than 30 are diagnosable. Being 1 of the top 10 causes of death in the United States, there is a critical need in the market for the diagnosis and the treatment of both systemic diseases, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, as ...

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16 Feb 2016  |  Asia Pacific

SEA Healthcare Market Trends and Opportunities

Programmes and Regulations Driving Access to Healthcare Contribute to Double-digit Growth in Southeast Asia

With a population of 620 million, ASEAN represents approximately 8.6% of the global population. With a combined GDP of US$2.4 trillion in 2013, growing at an average annual rate of 5.6%, the region’s economic growth outpaces many other regional and global economies. Demand for healthcare services is expected to surge due to factors such as popula...

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12 Feb 2016  |  Global

Vital Signs - Impact of Strategic Acquisitions on Life Sciences Market, 2016

Portfolio Expansions Follow Acquisitions by Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co.,Thermo Fisher Scientific and Abbott Laboratories

This Vital Signs issues discusses Panasonic Healthcare's completed acquisition of Bayer's Diabetes Care Unit, Thermo Fisher Scientific's acquisition of Affymetrix, several moves in the single cell-genomics market by Bio-Rad, Illumina, Qiagen, and 10x Genomics, and Abbott's acquisition of Alere.

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12 Feb 2016  |  North America

Value Segments in Medical Imaging Equipment Markets, 2014

Propelled by Cost-Effective, High Quality Solutions, CT, MRI, Ultrasound and Interventional X-ray Value Segments to Accelerate Ahead

The total imaging market is growing steadily at the rate of approximately 8%, as value segment systems are increasingly finding their acceptance in the global markets. Growing awareness and end users’ attention to the detailed design of value segment systems for their requirements with optimized cost metrics in cash-trapped developed markets and...

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