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04 Feb 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Disinfection and Sterilization Equipment Market Trends in Asia-Pacific

Technology Adoption Driving Growth in Conventionally Mature Market

There is an increasing adoption of low-temperature sterilization equipment. New equipment sales in existing and new hospitals, along with replacement sales in existing hospitals, are driving growth in both sterilization and disinfection equipment segments. The research team conducted a comprehensive review of secondary information sources, includin...

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08 Apr 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Wound Care and Wound Closure Market in India

A Blend of Traditional and Advanced Products for Effective Wound Healing

The Wound care and Wound closure market is expected to grow at a rate of 12-15% during the next 5 years. Wound Management products have a huge growth opportunity due to high incidence of chronic and acute wound patients in India along with a growing middle class population, having greater affordability, rising health awareness and purchasing power....

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23 Jan 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Image-guided Surgery and Robot-assisted Surgery Market in Asia-Pacific

Developed Markets Experiment with the Latest Technologies in Surgery

This research service covers the revenues and trends in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) image-guided surgery (IGS) and robot-assisted surgery (RAS) market. Higher disposable income, penetration of health insurance, and improvement in overall quality of life necessitate the need for quality healthcare services. This has led to investment in assistive techno...

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07 Aug 2014  |  Asia Pacific

China Wound Care Market

Is the Local Potential Much Higher than the Exports?

The Chinese wound care market is in the growth stage. Growing ageing population and rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases, coupled with the increase in risk of chronic wounds and in affordability of better quality of wound care products provide the impetus for the Chinese wound care market. Universal coverage of public health insurance scheme...

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18 Feb 2014  |  Europe

Perspectives on Clinical Commissioning Groups in the United Kingdom

Impact on Procurement of Healthcare Information Technology Services

This research service presents an analysis of the objectives and role of clinical commissioning groups (CCG), and their impact on the healthcare market, in the United Kingdom. The scope of the study includes an analysis of the primary care market before and after CCGs replaced Primary Care Trusts in April 2013; the budget process involved in procur...

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12 Mar 2014  |  North America

Payor Involvement in the New Healthcare IT

2013 proved to be a year of tremendous rethought on traditional payor roles in various emerging models for care that involve varying levels of consumer participation as well as more capitated setups that limit payment for plan-supported provider billing. This market insight discusses Frost & Sullivan's view on the three main temporary restraints on...

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11 Jun 2014  |  North America

Analysis of the North American Cardiac Monitoring Services Market Data

The Environment During ACA Implementation and Beyond

The North American cardiac monitoring services market finds a catalyst for growth in regulatory and infrastructural means of expanding hospital services to the population. These take the form of Integrated Delivery Networka hospital with their practitioners, insurance providers and hospice services; or the more recent Affordable Care Act (ACA) tha...

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The HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition is one of the premier gatherings for leading participants in the health IT industry. This venue brings together a vast array of global market participants  vendors, customers, government officials, academics, and thought leaders  looking to network and make new contacts, gain a comprehensive overview of ...

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The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) held its annual meeting and tradeshow in Baltimore this past May. The meeting is billed as the worlds largest telemedicine, mHealth, and telehealth meeting and tradeshow. The event is certainly an important venue for trendspotting all thats new and notable in this important and growing industry. Frost...

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GE Healthcare IT provides clinical and financial IT solutions for hospitals and physicians. GE's health IT products are sold under the Centricity brand and consists of imaging IT solutions, electronic medical records, and financial and operations management solutions. Frost & Sullivan attended the annual GE Centricity LIVE User Conference recently ...

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