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04 Apr 2017  |  Global

Global Data Analytics for Industries Report, 2017–2023

Rise of Progressive Analytic Techniques Expected to Induce New Business Models in Manufacturing

Analytics have been around for a long time in different forms. Starting with manual data collection, it has progressed to reporting systems and then to statistical-based modelling systems. The progressive improvement in computer prowess simultaneously backed by electronic advancement in sensor technology has led to an era of convergence. This has c...

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06 Apr 2017  |  North America

North American Diaphragm Pumps Market, Forecast to 2022

Rapid Developments in the Water and Wastewater and Chemical End-user Industries are Driving the Market

The aim of this market engineering study is to evaluate opportunities across several industry sectors in North America, assessing trends across the region during the study period. It covers the growth opportunities for process equipment pump companies across the region and explains how changing landscape and needs and requirements are driving the n...

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07 Apr 2017  |  Global

Emerging Robotic Exoskeleton Technologies

Advances in Lightweight, Soft Exoskeletons can Drive Increased Growth Opportunities in Military and Healthcare Sectors

Robotic Exoskeleton has been experiencing significant technology enhancements in the recent years. This advanced technology is destined to play a critical role in transforming the everyday lives of people, especially patients with disabilities. It has opportunities in manufacturing, for instance in warehouse applications. Robotic exoskeletons can b...

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12 Apr 2017  |  Global

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence—Foreseeing Manufacturing in the Cognitive Era

Investigating Cognitive Technologies that will Reshape Manufacturing Value Chain in the Future

The impact of information technology (IT) on the manufacturing industry has been tremendous in recent times. With an increasing number of machines being connected to the Internet, data are being generated in huge volumes. Advancements in real-time data processing and predictive analytics further help in discovering newer ways of utilising the data ...

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17 Apr 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Opportunities in Malaysia for Automation and Control System Manufacturers, Forecast to 2021

Malaysia’s Initiatives for Investment and Its Growth in the Manufacturing Sector Will Influence Automation Opportunities

This study provides an in-depth understanding of the Malaysian automation and process control systems market, the current trends impacting the market, and the growth across automation and process control systems for the next five years. It also talks about various end users and opportunities available for automation suppliers in Malaysia. The study...

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18 Apr 2017  |  North America

Strategic Outlook of Global Pumps Market, 2017

North America and Asia-Pacific on Brink of Technological Advancement with Big Gains for Suppliers in the Water & Wastewater and Chemicals Segments

This research service covers the global opportunities in 2017 for pumps companies in the top 3 end-user industry segments (water and wastewater, food and beverages, and construction). It offers regional analysis of how economic factors will impact the market. Opportunities in all end-user industry applications for pump manufacturers are highlighted...

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29 Dec 2017  |  Global

AI Innovations in Future of Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies Enable Cognitive Factories

Information technology has been largely impacting the manufacturing industry. With the increase in the number of IIoT solutions and real-time data processing, predictive analytics is enabling processing of large volumes of data captured from the connected machines. The current scenario includes involvement of humans in making logical decisions alon...

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08 Nov 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Automation and Process Control Systems Market in Japan, Forecast to 2021

Automotive and Electronics Exports Will Be Vital to the Growth of Automation Suppliers

This factbook provides an understanding on the market revenue generated by major automation products and solutions in Japan. Japan is one of the most important markets in Asia and the world. Because the country is receptive to implementing new technologies in its manufacturing industry, automation vendors are likely to focus on Japan more. Japan is...

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07 Nov 2017  |  North America

Global Pneumatic Valves and Actuators Market, Forecast to 2022

Rising Investments in Asia-Pacific, Increased Focus on Energy Efficiency, and Increased Penetration of IIoT are Set to Drive Market Growth

This Frost & Sullivan research service analyzes the global pneumatic valves and actuators market in detail from 2013 to 2022, where the base year of the study is 2016. This study examines the various product segments, end-user industries, and market shares, and offers a competitive analysis of the global market participants, individually for pneuma...

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