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The water and wastewater treatment (WWT) industry has been one of the major end-user segments for electric drives in Europe. The electric drives used in this sector are selected based on the application requirement to improve efficiency. The economic slowdown has had an adverse impact on most industries, including WWT. The major problems that the i...

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10 Jul 2012  |  Europe

Global Pumps Market in the Water and Wastewater Industry

Developing Economies are Expected to Offer Opportunities for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

The study analyses the global pumps market in the water and wastewater industry. With water and wastewater treatment projects on hold, this study determines the impact of the recession on this market. Analysis is provided by type of pump (centrifugal and positive displacement). Geographic trends across four global regions are included. Market drive...

USD 4,950.00
28 Jun 2012  |  Europe

Automation and Control Solutions Market in Central and Eastern European Countries

Need for Process Optimisation will Increase the Demand for Automation

This research service provides an insight into the automation and control solutions market in CEE from 2008 to 2016. It analyses the various market drivers and restraints. The study covers the markets of distributed control systems, SCADA systems, HMI systems, PLCs, manufacturing execution systems and industrial asset management systems. It also di...

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This research analyses the current and future economic trends in energy recovery equipment market in compressors. This is likely have a growing interest due to the increase in demand for energy efficiency in compressors. The applications have been analysed across the european region and also a growth trend based on the broad product classifications...

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27 Jun 2012  |  Europe

European System Integrators and Value-added Resellers Market

Leveraging a Powerful Channel Strategy: Evaluation of Growth Trends through CAMP Tool

This strategic research analyzes the key market dynamics within the European system integrators market. The study analyzes system integrators across the domains of oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, automotive and transportation, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals. The objective of the study is to identify top solution providers in eac...

USD 10,000.00

This market insight focuses on the hot topics in the industrial automation and process control market. It includes a summary of the highest growth areas presented for the following key sectors: industrial automation; pumps, valves, and compressors; welding, cutting, and joining technologies; and drives and motors. It also provides the results from ...

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This research service provides a strategic analysis of the supply chain in the European motors market. It includes specific details on the trends in the supply chain in Europe, SWOT analysis on some market participants and recommendations for manufacturers to improve their supply chain systems. In addition, it also focuses on how the manufacturers ...

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21 May 2012  |  Europe

Repairs and Refabrication Market for Electric Drives

Focus on advanced servicing methodologies and potential benefits of servicing promise growth.

This study describes the trends in the repairs and refabrication market for electric drives in Europe. Further, it offers an insight into the future of this market. Prospects for growth, challenges and restraints have been delineated. A brilliant forecast of market revenue, with relative reasoning on documented ideas, adds value to this study. The ...

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09 May 2012  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of the Advanced Motion Controllers Market in Europe

Advanced motion controllers market poised for moderate growth from 2012 to 2018

This research service describes the trends in the European advanced motor controllers market. It provides an insight into the future of this industry and the prospects for growth. The challenges and restraining factors have also been delineated. A forecast of market revenue with documented ideas adds value to this study. Market fluctuations in rece...

USD 6,950.00
10 Apr 2012  |  Europe

Opportunity Analysis of European Motor Services Market

Increase of Motor Efficiency through Life Cycle Management to Spur Demand for Motor Services

This research service provides a holistic insight and analysis on the European motor services market from 2008 to 2018 with detailed end-user analysis. The research analyses the various industry challenges, market drivers and restraints pertaining to this market. This research also provides percentage breakdown by product type and geography. The ne...

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