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30 Aug 2019  |  North America

Equinix Network Edge

Bridging the NFV Gap in Enterprise WAN Middle Mile

Platform Equinix offers one of the broadest data center footprints and portfolio of interconnection services in the market, with a digital ecosystem that includes: 1700+ network providers, 800+ digital content providers, 1250+financial services companies, 2900+ cloud and IT services providers, and nearly 3000 global enterprises. While network ser...

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As cloud migration and adoption continue to grow, enterprises are increasingly deploying a hybrid environment, comprising public and private, on-premises and hosted infrastructure resources. With the aid of versatile hybrid cloud platforms that support common management and orchestration across different deployment models, enterprises have gained v...

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22 Aug 2019  |  North America

Contact Center Buyers Guide, North America, 2019

Providers Look to Harness AI to Infuse Intelligence in the Customer Experience

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Digital Transformation program finds that growth continues in all areas of the contact center market: premise-based systems, the cloud, and hybrid configurations. Analytics, quality monitoring, and recording continue to be bright spots for growth, but emerging areas are taking center stage as companies transitio...

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30 Jul 2019  |  Europe

Information Technology/Operational Technology (IT/OT) Security Convergence in the Smart Building Technology Market, Forecast to 2022

Digitalization and Cyberattacks driving adoption of IT/OT Security in Smart Buildings

Automation, IoT, and digitalization are rapidly changing, and enterprise operations and building operations have not made an exception either. Today, smart devices control building management activities including temperature control, access control, lighting control, communication, and safety systems in many enterprises. At the same time, such conv...

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29 Jul 2019  |  North America

North America Contact Center Outsourcing Market, Forecast to 2022

Digital Transformation Proves Challenging Amid Active Service Provider Acquisitions

The ongoing jostle for preeminence in customer care BPO in the region of North America (NA) is entering an important new phase. Like the original “Great Game” – a foreign policy term associated with the geopolitical machinations of the Great Powers and regional powers vying for geopolitical standing and influence in Central Asia. Dominant ma...

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26 Jul 2019  |  North America

Cloud Migration Driving Winds of Change in Email and Web Security

Cloud Adoption Offers Benefits But Creates New Challenges

The most significant trend in both email and web security markets is the acceleration of organizations migrating to the cloud. The cloud is driving new email security and web security strategies. Enterprises are interested in transitioning to cloud-delivered security to reduce cost/complexity, simplify security for mobile users, and adopt new capab...

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Much has been written about the looming shortage of skilled resources to fill technology jobs in the digital era. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects computer and information technology jobs to grow 13 percent from 2016-2026, faster than the average of all other occupations, with 560,000 new jobs being added during that period. The European ...

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The cloud market continues to grow. Frost & Sullivan expects global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market revenues to increase by 27% compound annual growth rate through 2023. Globally, businesses of every industry and size are deploying more workloads in the cloud. However, the journey to the cloud looks different across world regions. Adopt...

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12 Apr 2019  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Cloud Workload Security Industry Guide

The Need for a Cloud-native, Automated, and Scalable Approach toward Cloud Workload Protection

Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud services as the imperative way to embrace their digital transformation journey. By using cloud services, they are able to leverage on the latest technologies to increase productivity, reduce significant costs in terms of product ownership, operation and maintenance. Though most businesses know the benefit...

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The edge appears to be everywhere these days. Industry pundits and vendors talk about edge computing and edge networking, edge devices, and edge security. But what are we all talking about? Definitions of “the edge” bring to mind the fable about the blind men describing an elephant. Each description reflects the provider’s limited perspecti...

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