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This research takes a closer look at four technologies which although different are used by end users to measure and address the quality of service on the network and the quality of experience of the end user. There have been significant changes in the telecommunications industry which have had quite an impact on the communications testing industr...

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This issue of Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine profiles advancements in IoT sensors, wearable comfort sensors, optical nanosensors, sensor data processing, Hall effect sensors, opacity sensors, and seismic sensors. Innovations include sensors securing IoT, nanosensors for air quality monitoring, data processing, opacity sensors for bottling, an...

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17 Oct 2019  |  Global

Global Analytical Instrumentation Market in Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, and Nutraceuticals, Forecast to 2025

Growth of Biosimilars and Nutraceuticals will Drive Growth

The global pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals market includes market revenues of analytical instrumentation applied in the 3 segments. Analytical instruments are applied in research, development, manufacturing, quality control, and distribution of drugs. Some key applications include (and are not limited to) drug discovery and ...

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This issue of Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine profiles advancements in wearable sensors, pressure sensors, fingerprint sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and solid state LiDAR. Innovations include skin worn sensors for monitoring physiological activities, a wearable sensor for monitoring sweat rate in humans, a sensor for detecting tobacco and marij...

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10 Sep 2019  |  Global

Global Elemental Analysis Market, Forecast to 2025

Need for a Single, Sophisticated, Yet Simple Instrument With Multifunctional Capabilities

This market research published by Frost & Sullivan analyzes the global elemental analytical instrumentation market from 2015 to 2025, and the base year is 2018. At the start, the study provides key findings and CEO perspectives to highlight some important findings of the research service. This study paints a picture of the overall market in terms o...

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20 Aug 2019  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in the Data Center Test and Measurement Market, Forecast to 2024

Migration to 40G/100G Ecosystems and the Demand for Solutions Enhancing the Visibility and Security Across Multi-tenant Cloud Environments are Key Factors Driving Growth

Test equipment used to validate data center infrastructure includes those devices used to test transceivers used in data center production, and others that facilitate the installation and maintenance of the data center and monitor the performance of the data center network post its deployment. Equipment used during these phases includes electronic ...

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This issue of Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine profiles advancements in smart sensors, optical sensors, CUI sensors, ultrasonic sensors, NDT sensors, moisture sensors, and wireless sensors. Innovations include smart sensor system for non-destructive testing applications, oxygen and optical sensors, sensors innovations for in-situ real-time moni...

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14 Aug 2019  |  Global

Asia-Pacific Fiber Optic Test Equipment Market, 2018

Ambitious National Broadband Plans, FTTX, and 5G to Multiply Opportunities in the Segment

The fiber optic test equipment (FOTE) market in the Asia-Pacific is witnessing strong growth due to a confluence of trends. Fiber proliferation and fiber maturity in the region has been accelerating as a result of aggressive national broadband plans and increased fiber investments from telecom operators, enterprises, and cable TV operators. Governm...

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13 Aug 2019  |  Global

Frost Radar in the Communications Testing Market

A Measurement System to Spark Companies 2 Action (C2A)—Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

5G deployment is an important trend in the telecom industry. With South Korea having successfully rolled out its 5G operations commercially, many other countries are also expected to roll out their deployments soon. Deployments will be more business to business than business to consumer and will have significant implications across several industry...

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08 Aug 2019  |  Global

Global Coordinate Measuring Machines Market, Forecast to 2023

Shorter Product Lifecycle, Increased Need for In-line Metrology Solutions, and Technology Developments will Continue to Drive the Market

Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) have changed the way dimensional measurements are made in manufacturing facilities. The ability of CMMs to provide accurate measurements, while saving operational costs and improving productivity, has been a key reason for the growth of the CMM market over the past decade. Increased penetration across different ...

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