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30 May 2014  |  Global

Cloud Infrastructure Testing and Cloud-based Application Performance Monitoring Market

Virtualisation, Security, and Performance Expected to Drive Market Growth

With the significant rate of migration to the cloud, cloud service providers should ensure that security of proprietary data and application performance are not compromised. These challenges are compounded with the significant trend of virtualisation, as well as the increase in tier complexity due the rise of a considerable number of other third-pa...

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20 May 2014  |  Global

Analysis of the Emerging and Nontraditional Nondestructive Testing Equipment Market

Laser NDT, Guided Wave Testing, and Advanced Eddy Current Testing are the Industry's Future

The global emerging and nontraditional nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment market has been broken down into 3 technology segments; laser-based NDT, guided wave testing, and advanced eddy current testing. This market insight provides an overview of the current trends affecting these market segments, the size of each segment, its potential, and it...

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30 Jul 2014  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Active Monitoring Network Performance Market

QoS and QoE Drive the Demand for Active Monitoring

This market insight analyzes the active monitoring network performance market. This study covers active network performance assurance solutions for service providers (fixed & mobile) covering turn up testing, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, IP core, and mobile backhaul. In addition, it provides revenue forecasts from 2010 to 2020 with the ...

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31 Jan 2014  |  Global

Analysis of End Users’ Perspective on the Global Communication Test Equipment Market

Brand Recognition and Product Portability to Boost Vendors’ Market Presence

This market insight analyzes the various requirements of communication test equipment end users, globally, and provides strategies test vendors can use to achieve higher sales of their equipment. The segments included in this analysis are wireline, wireless, and fiber optics. The results and analysis are based on an end-user survey, weighing their ...

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18 Sep 2014  |  North America

Wireless Communications Offer Opportunities and Challenges for Electronic Test Equipment

Wireless Developments Impact the Demand for Electronic Test

This deliverable provides an overview of the key trends related to electronics in the wireless communications industry and the resulting opportunities for vendors of electronic test equipment. Diverse wireless communication standards, complex modulation schemes, advanced wireless devices, and high-bandwidth demanding applications are revolutionizin...

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18 Dec 2013  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Emerging Oscilloscopes Markets in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East

Growth in Brazil Attracts Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

The oscilloscopes market is the largest and fastest-growing product category in the general purpose test equipment industry. Spread fairly evenly across North America, Europe, and Asia, the remaining regions represent a fairly small portion of the global revenues. However, these emerging markets are growing at a faster rate. In this study, key indu...

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07 Mar 2013  |  Global

What the Future Holds for the Global Application Performance Management Market

A Holistic and Unified Network Approach Leads to Industry Growth

This market insight analyzes the global application performance management (APM) market. The outline of a new approach for APM has been required. Moving forward, APM is shifting to more comprehensive solutions that provide visibility across all tiers of the application infrastructure. The base year of analysis is 2012, and the forecast period is 20...

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15 Apr 2013  |  Global

Distribution and Product Analysis of the General Purpose Test Equipment Markets in India

Integration of Test Instruments to Boost Market Sales

This market insight analyzes the key product segments of the general purpose test equipment market in India, including oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, and multimeters, by form factor, frequency and/or bandwidth, and distribution channel. Form factors include benchtop, portable, handheld, and modular. In addi...

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20 Dec 2013  |  North America

Proliferation of Electronics in the Automotive and Transportation Industry Signifies Opportunities for Electronic Design and Test Solution Providers

Positive Trends for Electronic Design and Test in Automotive and Transportation Applications

This deliverable provides an overview of the key trends related to electronics in the automotive and transportation industry and the resulting opportunities for vendors of general-purpose test equipment, testing services, and design solutions. An overview of the key Mega Trends influencing the industry is provided, and key design and testing challe...

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17 Jan 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Bit Error Rate Tester Market

SONET/SDH and Ethernet Over SONET Technologies Drive Market Growth

This research service covers the state of the global bit error rate test equipment (BERT) market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, end-user trends, application trends, and geographical trends. Revenue forecasts by market segment are included. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, including vendor market shares,...

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