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02 Feb 2011  |  North America

World Motors Fact Book

World Motors Fact Book

This research service is a global fact book of electric motors. The study provides unit shipments and revenues of the global electric motors for the year 2007 to illustrate the market condition prior to the economic downturn, for the year 2009 to illustrate the impact on the market from the economic downturn, and forecasts for 2016. In addition, th...

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30 Dec 2010  |  North America

Global Video Surveillance Market

The global video surveillance market is a compendium of revenue forecasts. The various technologies covered are cameras (analog and IP cameras), storage (DVRs, NVRs and IT-based storage), encoders, monitors, and software (proprietary VMS, open-platform VMS, intelligent video analytics and video motion detection. Each technology is broken down by re...

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