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27 Jul 2016  |  Europe

The Turkish Smart Grid Market

Determined Steps to be Taken During the Third Investment Term will Transform the Grid

Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments: Product scope: Smart Grid Market Geographic scope: Turkey End-user scope: Smart grid market participants, electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies Drivers and restraints, investment trends, and future trends have also been provided for the Turki...

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25 Jul 2016  |  Europe

Analysis of the Global Biologics API Market

Redefining the Future of Biologics through Target-specific Drugs and Novel Technologies

This study provides an insight into the global biologics active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) market. According to the US FDA, “Biological products, or biologics, are medical products made from a variety of natural sources (human, animal, or microorganism). Biologics are intended to treat diseases & medical conditions and prevent or diagnose d...

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17 Apr 2015  |  Europe

The Future of Unified Communications in the Workplace in Europe

An End-User Perspective

This research service aims to measure the current use and future behavior towards information technology (IT) within Europe, covering the manufacturing, education, financial, government, healthcare, and retail sectors. While companies consider their IT investments, improving productivity ranks by a clear margin, followed by reducing costs, improvin...

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This study is an in-depth analysis of the opinions of one of the key groups of influencers and specifiers in the German security industry - the security installers. Based on 175 interviews, Frost & Sullivan presents a detailed assessment of installers' opinions of developments in the market, as well as their views on the technologies and brands th...

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