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22 Nov 2016  |  Global

Global Energy Storage Market Customer Survey, 2015

Identify Energy Storage Growth Areas and Opportunities

This customer survey was conducted to identify energy storage growth areas and opportunities, determine regions with the most opportunities for growth in the energy storage marketplace, assess what criteria is most important for energy storage technology, highlight new developments in energy storage technologies such as new chemistries and manufact...

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03 Aug 2016  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Distribution Automation Market

Positive Economic Outlook and Increasing Demand for Reliability and Resilience to Drive Growth

Distribution automation represents an emerging and critical market for utilities globally. The study provides an analysis of the global distribution automation market, which has been divided into two product segments—hardware, and software and communication. Revenue forecasts up to 2020 and analyses have been provided for North America, Europe, A...

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02 Aug 2016  |  North America

Emerging Technologies in the Energy Storage Market

Battery and Thermal Energy Storage Poised for Remarkable Growth

This study covers the latest trends in various technologies in the energy storage market. The technologies covered in the study are battery, compressed air, supercapacitors, thermal, and flywheels. The study period is 2015 to 2020. The base year of the study is 2015. The applications covered are grid scale, residential, commercial, and industrial. ...

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28 Jul 2016  |  Global

Point Source Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Management (TechVision)

Leveraging Carbon Capture and Utilization Technologies

With rising carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations globally, there have been increasing effort and emphasis on curtailing CO2 emissions. This research service aims to document the current and upcoming technologies that are being adopted globally to address point source carbon dioxide (CO2) management. The research scope focuses on the key technologies...

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27 Jul 2016  |  Europe

The Turkish Smart Grid Market

Determined Steps to be Taken During the Third Investment Term will Transform the Grid

Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments: Product scope: Smart Grid Market Geographic scope: Turkey End-user scope: Smart grid market participants, electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies Drivers and restraints, investment trends, and future trends have also been provided for the Turki...

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25 Jul 2016  |  Global

Innovations in Flexible Batteries (TechVision)

Next Gen Bendable Batteries can Create Opportunities in Wearables, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Security

The technology report titled “Innovations in Flexible Batteries” focuses on emerging trends and opportunities associated with flexible and bendable batteries in various industries worldwide. Frost & Sullivan has identified the technology development trend in the bendable batteries sector as emerging from thin to thinner devices. This is coupled...

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22 Jul 2016  |  Global

Global Battery Market for Wearables

US Leads in Battery Demand, While Asia-Pacific Would Register the Highest Growth in the Next 5 Years

This study analyses the potential for batteries powering wearable devices globally. Various battery chemistries such as lithium-ion, lithium polymer, thin film batteries, and emerging technologies are discussed. Major end-user applications include batteries for healthcare wearables, industrial and military wearables, and consumer wearables. The mar...

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22 Jul 2016  |  Africa

South Africa's LPG Market

Analysis of Opportunities in the Industrial and Commercial Sectors

South Africa is a middle-income, emerging market with abundant natural resources. Mining, mineral processing, and manufacturing are the main sectors driving industrial growth in the country. Globally, South Africa has one of the largest coal reserves; its use is limited to power generation and heating applications in industrial processes. The count...

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03 May 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Energy and Environment Industry Outlook, 2016

Renewable Energy Trends Provide Growth Impetus as Coal Power Dominates, Grid Investments Surge and Solar Power Gains Widespread Appeal

The outlook discusses the short-term impact of some of the major global trends affecting various sectors in the Energy and Environment industry and across the Asia-Pacific region. Prominent global trends, including the economic growth deceleration in China, in 2016, and its noticeable effect globally and on the rest of Asia, have been discussed. Ch...

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22 Apr 2016  |  Global

Global Energy and Environment Industry Outlook, 2016

Strong Growth Forecast for Solar PV and Energy Storage Technologies, Despite Falling Oil Prices

In the oil & gas sector, the dramatic decline in the oil price has massively impacted the upstream industry, but investment in downstream remains strong. The impact of the oil price decline on the power sector has been relatively limited, with investment in renewables remaining strong and market interest in storage continues to grow. The homes & bu...

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