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14 Dec 2021  |  Global

Insights for CISOs: Improving Resilience in the Face of Supply Chain Attacks

5 Actionable Steps for Growing Security Maturity and Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

At the end of 2020, FireEye discovered malware distributed through software updates to the Orion Platform, a popular IT management product. SolarWinds, the platform supplier, was breached earlier that year and failed to detect hackers in its environment for several months. Because of the widespread usage of the SolarWinds software, victims of this ...

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14 Dec 2021  |  Latin America

Insights for CISOs: Security Maturity in Latin America and the Caribbean

An In-Depth Look into the Region’s Current Situation and Opportunities for the Future

The ongoing arms race between cybercriminals and the cybersecurity industry leads security vendors and service providers to develop new solutions and technologies. In recent years, security players have harnessed machine learning, automation, big data, analytics, and other technology innovations to enhance, upgrade or completely reinvent cybersecur...

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09 Dec 2021  |  

Asia-Pacific Web Application Firewall Solutions Growth Opportunities

Increasing Use of Cloud and Web Applications and the Holistic Bundling of Web-related Security Tools Accelerate Adoption of WAF Of

The Asia-Pacific web application firewall (WAF) solutions market experienced growth at a healthy 22.4% year-over-year rate in 2019 driven by high adoption from both the on-premises and cloud-based deployment segments. Particularly for cloud-based deployment, the rapid growth of this segment will lead it to achieve parity with the on-premises segmen...

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06 Dec 2021  |  Global

Global Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management Growth Opportunities

Cognitive Technologies Drive SCM Solutions to Address Industry Challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies are becoming a critical element of supply chain management (SCM) solutions as they evolve from point to integrated solutions. AI plays a vital role in making SCM more agile, transparent, and customer-oriented. In this report, Frost & Sullivan examines the importance of AI in transforming SC...

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03 Dec 2021  |  Latin America

Hyperscalers Driving Colocation Growth in Latin America

Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Current Cloud Demand, New Investments, and the Region’s Move Toward Increased Digitization

The Latin American data center colocation market shows a strong future growth potential, enhanced by current cloud demand, new investments, and the region’s move toward increased digitization. According to Frost & Sullivan’s Cloud End-User Survey, nearly 90% of surveyed companies in the region are using colocation today or planning to implement...

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19 Nov 2021  |  Latin America

Customer Experience Outsourcing Services Market in Brazil

CX Digitalization and Customer-Centric Initiatives are Driving Outsourcing Demand

This study examines the trends in the Latin American and the Caribbean (CALA) customer experience outsourcing (CX Outsourcing) services market and forecasts the market size in Brazil in particular. The report provides extensive coverage of services delivered in each local market and those provided from the CALA countries to others overseas. In this...

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17 Nov 2021  |  Global

Global Artificial Intelligence Growth Opportunities

Transformative Mega Trends of AI

Artificial intelligence leverages algorithms and large datasets to identify underlying relationships and drive new or better business outcomes. While still at a nascent stage, AI technologies are being adopted across industries globally to innovate business models, drive operational efficiencies, and create strategic differentiation. The potential ...

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09 Nov 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Australian Data Center Colocation Services Growth Opportunities

Hyperscale Demand to Drive the Growth Pipeline for Data Center Colocation

Australia is one of the key data center colocation service markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Driven by the accelerated deployment of digital transformation initiatives, government support, the growing requirement to process enterprise data, and the adoption of disruptive technologies, the demand for data center services is expected to continu...

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19 Oct 2021  |  Global

Global Data Monetization Platform Growth Opportunities

AI and Digital Advertising Emerging as Critical Elements for Telcos to Create Differentiation

This Frost & Sullivan research examines the importance of data monetization to drive growth opportunities across various industry verticals. The report identifies 4 channels—data bartering, data brokering, insights bartering, and business intelligence—to provide a clear understanding of the business processes and evolution of data across the va...

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13 Oct 2021  |  North America

Digital Customer Journey Analytics Provide a Hyper Personalized Customer Experience

Enhancing ROI, Margin, Conversion, Branding, and Differentiation in Digital-born Businesses

Digital customer journey analytics refers to capturing, aggregating, and analyzing customer data (e.g., frequency of online purchases) on digital channels that allow businesses to understand customers better, improve their experience, and make interactions more meaningful. Digital analytics tools provide organizations with the opportunity to gain a...

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