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17 Feb 2020  |  North America

Light Vehicle Leasing Market in Canada, Forecast to 2023

Company Car Leasing is Expected to Register a Stable Growth Over the Forecast Period as Corporate Firms Continue to Renew Fleets to Support Growing Business

Company cars are usually provided as tool-of-work vehicles in Canada. Growth in company cars was spurred by the growing demand for fleet vehicles from the industrial sector, which received a fillip from Canada's strong overall economic performance. Leasing, covering operational leasing and financial leasing, is the major sourcing channel in Canada....

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05 Feb 2020  |  North America

Light Vehicle Leasing Market in Mexico, Forecast to 2023

Despite the Decreasing Volumes of New Fleet Leasing, Increasing Consumer Awareness and Expected Recovery in Macro-economics will Drive Growth from 2020

The Mexican vehicle leasing industry is experiencing challenges due to a variety of reasons including macro-economic factors, such as tight public investments, trade tensions with the United States, and the global economic slowdown. However, the change in the government after the 2018 general elections is expected to open new opportunities in the m...

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04 Feb 2020  |  North America

Light Vehicle Leasing Market in the United States, Forecast to 2023

The Penetration of Electric Vehicle Among Company Car Fleets is Lower Than Retail Channel, As Concerns Over Total Cost of Asset Operation Has Slowed Down Uptake

Company car registrations increased from 2013 to 2018, spurred by a strongly performing industrial sector. While utility vehicles comprise a major part of company fleets in the US, growth in various sectors of the economy has driven demand for new vehicles and fleet renewals. Financial leasing is the dominant leasing solution in the US. This is att...

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22 Jul 2019  |  North America

Assessment of APAC Automotive Aftermarket, 2018

China Leads the Auto Aftermarket in APAC, Followed by India and Australia

This research service discusses in detail the Asia-Pacific automotive market during 2018 and presents the expected trends for 2019. The study provides an analysis of the automotive aftermarket outlook in the region with a focus on key markets including China, Australia, India, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Besides the Asia-Pacific, this study als...

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08 Feb 2019  |  North America

North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Highlights, 2019

Stable demand for SUVs, Rising Appeal of Performance Cars, and Next Generation Vehicle Electrification in the Spotlight

2019 Annual North American Auto Show hosted in Detroit highlights are depicted in this report. The show has reached its 30th year as of today, and this year, the auto show hosted 30 new model displays, a little less than previous years due to its significant calendar change from winter to summer from next year onwards. The auto show consists gala ...

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28 Jan 2019  |  North America

Benchmarking Profile of Tesla's Autonomous Driving Strategy, 2018

Tesla’s In-house Technological Innovations will Continue to Upend the Conventional Automotive Industry

Once in a while, a new market participant will emerge in an industry and disrupt its technological and business landscape entirely. In the automobile industry, the entry of Tesla created this dramatic shift and began to transform the sector. Tesla’s fully self-reliant business model has disrupted conventional ways of doing business, as traditiona...

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28 Sep 2018  |  North America

Strategic Automotive Profile of BYD, 2017–2025

Company Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 27.2% and Surpass Chinese Domestic Sales Revenue of Approximately $145 Billion

Companies in the global automotive industry are moving aggressively toward alternative fuel technologies. Some of these include bio-diesel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), hydrogen fuel cells, electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles. The intention of this shift is to primarily to reduce harmful emissions from ve...

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19 Mar 2018  |  North America

Analysis of Passenger Vehicle Pricing Strategies in Mexico, 2017

Macroeconomic Landscape, Trade Structure, Technological Roadmap, and Performance of Local Markets Driving Local Automotive Price Increase

The Mexican market has witnessed a generalized increase in vehicle prices across all OEMs and automotive segments in the recent past. This study aims to analyze this phenomenon, taking into account the 2012–2017 period. The historic entry-trim and premium-trim prices for the 68 most commercialized passenger vehicles of each segment (covering A t...

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26 Feb 2018  |  North America

North American International Auto Show Highlights, 2018

With 8 New Launches, SUVs and Trucks Were the Most Popular Segments at the NAIAS 2018

This research highlights the new vehicle announcements and launches that were part of the North American International Auto Show in 2018. Being among the first few shows in the year, the NAIAS showcased vehicles that will play a key role in the American market over the year. With nearly 50% of the product launches coming from the SUVs, crossovers, ...

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02 Feb 2018  |  North America

North America and Europe Commercial Vehicle TPMS and RFID Market, Forecast to 2025

Increasingly Stringent Emission Regulations and Greater Focus on Reducing Operating Costs to Drive the TPMS and RFID Markets

This Frost & Sullivan research indicates that the trucking industries in North America and Europe are increasingly facing a shortage of skilled drivers and are apprehensive about the economic outlook (future of the economy? viability of the market?) and their operating margins. Total cost of ownership (TCO), downtime reduction, regulation complianc...

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