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31 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Malaysia Telecom Market Landscape 2014

Mobile data services and other emerging services will drive the Malaysian Telecom market

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the Malaysian Telecom Market with forecasts for the period 2014-2018. The report also provides key industry drivers and restraints. The Malaysian telecom industry experienced significant growth in recent years. Mobile penetration grew from 98.9% in 2008 to 141.2% in 2013, while mobile subscribers grew to...

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30 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

APAC Construction Chemicals Market

Infrastructure and Residential Sectors Will Drive Growth

This research service identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, regional trends, and segment trends in the APAC construction chemicals market. The research covers 7 regions: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The study provides an in-depth analysis of the chemicals and m...

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29 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Insight into Used-Car Market in Malaysia

Used-Car Sales Expected to Decline During 2014–2020

This study analyzes the demand and key market factors impacting the trends within the used-car market in Malaysia during 2013-2020. The Malaysia market overview highlights the key participants within the used-car market and the top factors influencing the purchase of used cars, with an analysis of current market trends and situations impacting the ...

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24 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Water & Wastewater Treatment Market in the Australian Resources Sector

Cost-and Treatment-efficient Equipment Will Prevail as OPEX Continues to Rise

This research service outlines future prospects in the water and wastewater treatment (WWWT) market in the Australian resources sector along with its key trends and opportunities. The challenges this market is currently faces are high mining cost, labor shortage, and lack of access to infrastructure in the resources sector. However, the market driv...

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19 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Patent Cliff and the Future of Generics in Asia

Trends that will Impact the Market in the Short Term

The global generics industry is in an interesting phase. Prescription volumes for generics are rising in the US and European markets, while regional manufacturers are struggling to meet demand. However, while Asian prescription volumes are lower than that of Western markets, Asian manufacturers are catering to domestic markets and exporting a signi...

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09 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

New Technologies that will Impact the Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

Customisation is the New Formula

The packaging industry plays a major role in the pharmaceutical market. It not only provides containment and drug safety, but also ensures identity, convenience of handling, and delivery. It needs to balance complex considerations. Pharmaceutical packaging firms are some of the industry’s most innovative companies, as has been evident in the last...

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03 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Best Practices in Green Hospitality and Its Future Prospects in Southeast AsiaA CEO's 360-Degree Perspective

Green Tourism to Spur Adoption of Eco-Sustainable Practices by Accommodation Facilities

Buildings are one of the leading carbon emitters with hotels contributing 15% to 20% of the emissions. In Southeast Asia, green hospitality is often considered only as the compliance of hotels with green building standards. However, it also encompasses other specific operational aspects. Green hospitality is likely to benefit from approximately 15%...

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27 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

APAC Automotive OEM Coatings Market

Indonesia and Thailand Present Robust Growth Opportunities Owing to Expanding Automotive Production

This research service identifies major industry drivers, restraints, and regional and technology trends in the APAC automotive coatings market. The study provides an in-depth analysis of electro-coats, primers, base-coats, and clear-coats. Furthermore, it analyses specific trends such as chemistry and the penetration of water-borne, high-solid solv...

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27 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Benchmarking Country Opportunities in Hazardous Waste Management Market in Asia-Pacific

Lack of Regulatory Support and Implementation Deters Market Growth in Developing Countries

The level of hazardous waste management varies among Asia-Pacific countries. Many countries still face major difficulties in managing locally produced hazardous waste. The private sector is often involved in treating hazardous waste at the national level; this is prevalent to a large extent in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and to a lesser...

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25 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia Power and Distribution Transformers Market

Strong Industrial Growth and Increasing Urbanization Lift Prospects in Next 5 Years

The Southeast Asia transformers market is in the growth stage with several transmission and distribution (T&D) grid projects underway in various stages of development. Governmental T&D investment plans, industrial projects, urbanization trends, rural electrification, and renewable energy projects drive this market. Still, the demand for oil type tr...

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