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30 Dec 2015  |  Global

Global Demand Response Trends

Expansion of Distributed Generation Intensified by the Need for Demand Management

Demand response (DR) models are enabling real-time analysis of customer demand trends and allowing the generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to react accordingly. Growth in this market means utilities will increasingly invest in innovative technologies and predictive tools to reduce power generation costs as well as grid failure...

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30 Dec 2015  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Fire Safety Services Market

Increasing Safety Standards and Customer Awareness Will Yield Significant Growth Prospects

This study aims to provide an executive outlook of the growth opportunities in the global fire safety services market up to 2020. The report provides market revenue forecasts for the global fire safety service sectors of testing, inspection, certification, consulting, and training from 2015 to 2020. It also highlights market drivers, restraints, an...

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22 Dec 2015  |  Global

The Role of Wearable Devices in the Home of the Future

Personalisation and Frictionless Control Will Drive Long Term Opportunities

As the proliferation of wearable devices increases, newer market applications emerge. The smart home market is an attractive opportunity for employing wearable devices. A nascent market, it is important for smart home and wearable vendors to understand the market potential and prepare for the evolution of the smart home ecosystem. In this report, F...

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16 Dec 2015  |  Global

Blockchain—What You Need to Know

Decentralization Is Disrupting Vertical Industries

Blockchains are a new data structure that is secure, cryptography-based, and distributed across a network. The technology supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and the transfer of any data or digital asset. Spearheaded by Bitcoin, blockchains achieve consensus among distributed nodes, allowing the transfer of digital goods without the need for...

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09 Dec 2015  |  Global

Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence Systems in Healthcare

Ramping Up a $6 Billion Dollar Market Opportunity

Shifts to how healthcare is delivered, where it is delivered, and how it is paid for are necessitating adoption of innovative tools for managing information. A key challenge is to appropriately assess the importance of various quantitative metrics, as well as correlate with qualitative recommendations and patient history. The voluminous forms of un...

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30 Sep 2015  |  Global

Executive Analysis of Indian CV OEMs Global Growth Strategies

Value Trucks will Drive M&H CV Exports to 108,525 Units by 2022

The aim of this study is to understand and analyze the export strategies of key Indian medium and heavy commercial vehicle (M&H CV) manufacturers. The study also aims to analyze the evolution of the Indian truck market and its changing competitive landscape. It provides an in-depth analysis of the export forecasts of select Indian truck manufacture...

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21 Jul 2015  |  Global

Global Utility-scale Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems Market

High Growth in Utility-scale Grid-connected Solutions

The battery energy storage system (BESS) market is poised to enter a period of dynamic growth on a global level. In the markets for utility-scale grid-connected solutions, commercialisation will begin to accelerate after 2017 with the subsequent years bringing huge opportunities for companies that have the technological capabilities to compete. Rap...

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10 Jul 2015  |  Global

Executive Outlook of Hyundai's Global Commercial Vehicle Market Activities

Hyundai Motor Group Poised to Capture 4.1% of the Global CV Market by 2022

This research service offers an outlook of the commercial vehicle business unit of Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) for the period 2014–2022. The study is developed to offer an unbiased executive outlook of HMGs global growth initiatives, capabilities, and activities toward enhancing sales and market share in the light, medium, and heavy commercial vehi...

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20 May 2015  |  Global

A Competitive Analysis of the Global Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Therapeutics Market

Launch of Promising Late-stage Anti-hypertensive Drugs to Drive Growth of Branded ACS Therapeutics

China is predicted to become the third-largest pharmaceutical market in the world by the end of 2013 due to the governments considerable investment in the healthcare industry and the populations unmet healthcare needs. The life sciences industry is broad and involves a wide range of disciplines. This research service focuses on the trends and mar...

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31 Mar 2015  |  Global

Trends in Preventative Healthcare (Technical Insights)

Impact and assessment of key innovations in preventive healthcare

Preventative healthcare, or preventive healthcare, accounts for measures that are adopted for disease prevention rather than disease treatment. Millions of people die preventable deaths every year and this can be due to environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and genetic susceptibility. Leading causes for the majority of preventable deaths includ...

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