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19 Dec 2016  |  Europe

SDN and NFV for the Next-generation WAN

An Insight into Orange Business Services Easy Go Offering

Enterprise networks are increasingly challenged by the static nature of WAN as they need to keep up with the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure, ever-increasing bandwidth and enterprise mobility requirements. Leading NSPs globally are incorporating software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) into th...

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14 Nov 2016  |  Europe

Europe’s Real-Time Cities Revisited—Survey 2016

The Quest for Commercial Sustainability of Smart City Initiatives Continues

This 2016 Real-Time Cities survey monitors the focus areas of work, state of development, roadmaps, and opportunities for ICT solutions providers. It is a parallel survey to the 2015 Frost & Sullivan iteration, gathering inputs from mostly new participants. A true Real-Time City exploits its repositories of data as they are generated, along with ...

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10 Nov 2016  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—Spain, Italy, and Portugal

Renewables Dominate the Investment Landscape Across All 3 Markets

This installment forms part of Frost & Sullivan's European Electricity Industry Profiles Series and includes Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Included in these profiles are an assessment of the key market drivers and restraints; the current demand profile and total generation; the key aspects of energy policy; forecasts on the likely development of the ...

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08 Nov 2016  |  Europe

Project Management 2.0 Software Tools Democratize Project Management

Emergence of PM 2.0 Adds to the Evolution of the Collaborative Workplace

The need for greater collaboration, more transparency in project approvals, and project workflow has led to the development of Project Management (PM 2.0) software tools. PM 2.0 extends the emergent, collaborative approach of Web 2.0 to the traditionally structured PM practice found in tools such as email and excel. The objective of PM 2.0 software...

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02 Nov 2016  |  Europe

European IoT Operator Profiles—Part 1

Development of Ecosystem Around Telco's Proprietary Offering Infuses Hope for Growth

Telecom operators are one of the most important participants in the Internet of Things (IoT) value chain, as they are evolving themselves to become 'key enablers' by acting as an interface between enterprise customers and IoT hardware, software, and platform vendors. As connectivity remains a low-value component of the IoT value chain, telecom oper...

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29 Sep 2016  |  Europe

Analysis of the Western European Protein Ingredients Market

Increasing Consumer Health Consciousness to Propel Growth in the European Proteins Market

The Western European protein ingredients market was $10.89 billion in 2015 and is likely to expand at an attractive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% from 2015 to 2020. This study provides a detailed insight into the Western European protein ingredients market. Market growth drivers, restraints, competitive landscape and key market, compan...

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22 Sep 2016  |  Europe

Internet of Things in Connected Agriculture

Digital Solutions to Boost Production Efficiency from Crop and Livestock Cultivation through Distribution and Retail

The key challenges for agricultural suppliers are to match their food production with fluctuating demand and to comply with regulations that protect the food chain from contamination. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies help tackle market inefficiencies by monitoring conditions at every stage of production. Using sensors in combination with data...

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20 Sep 2016  |  Europe

Investment in Internet of Things Start-ups in Europe

Venture Funding Activity and Acquisitions Exceeded $500 Million in H1 2016

With rapid technological advances in IoT, the number of connected devices is expected to be about 20 billion by 2020. This calls for an effective contribution from start-ups, as their lean structure is especially conducive for speedy development and growth. However, other ecosystem participants such as large tech companies and venture capitalists (...

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13 Sep 2016  |  Europe

Mobile Security in the Enterprise

Modern Defense for the BYOD Environment

Mobile security has been largely ignored as something that can be addressed with EMM, MAM, and mobile AV solutions. However, mobile malware and well-crafted mobile configuration profiles can evade these solutions without rooting or jailbreaking the phone. Smartphone and tablet users are line-of-business workers and do not understand the risks of us...

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09 Sep 2016  |  Europe

European Decision Maker Sentiment—Big Data & Analytics

Snapshot of End Users’ Investment Attitudes to Technology Trends

This research service aims to provide a snapshot of a small number of end users' investment attitudes towards Big Data & Analytics (BDA) technologies in order to illustrate enterprises' views on using data as an enabler for digital transformation. The study reveals that although the market is nascent, it has a surprising open-mindedness towards tra...

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