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25 Nov 2014  |  North America

Global Pumps Market in the Oil and Gas Industry

Exploration and Production from Unconventional Oil and Gas Sources Will Likely Boost Pump Technology

This research service analyzes current and future trends in the global pumps market in the oil and gas industry. Analysis is based on end users and product types and is segmented by centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Various market drivers and restraints and any challenges and their impact over time are discussed. This research outlines t...

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20 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Chinese Integral Horsepower Motor Market

Motor Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan Drives Growth

This research service analyzes current and future trends in the Chinese integral horsepower motor market. Analysis is based on different end-user industries, and the impact of various market drivers, restraints, and challenges on time scale is discussed. The research service covers the competitive structure and provides market share analysis of the...

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18 Nov 2014  |  Europe

Opportunities in the European Electric Drives Market for Discrete Industries

Increase in Production Throughput and Energy Savings are the Major Market Drivers

This research service analyses the opportunities in the European electric drives market for discrete industries. The study assesses the market share of leading companies and their strengths in terms of end-user industries and applications. Revenue forecasts for different geographic regions, various end-user segments, and multiple power ratings of d...

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09 Oct 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of Southeast Asia and Australia New Zealand Automation and Controls Market for Power Generation

Growing Economies Make Way for Opportunities for the ACS Market in Power

The scope of the study includes solutions used to facilitate automation controls in the power generation sector. The product scope includes PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI, MES, and safety systems (emergency shutdown systems, fire and gas systems, burner management systems, high integrity pressure protection system, and turbo-machinery controls). The automati...

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29 Sep 2014  |  Global

Global Welding Robotics Fact Book

Automation Fairs and Workshops Increase the Adoption of Welding Robots in the Industrial Sector

This research service is a detailed factbook that analyses the current trends in the global welding robotics market. Market estimates in terms of revenue and unit shipment for each end user in each geography and product segment are provided. In addition, revenue and unit shipment forecasts for the same have been provided upto 2020. An analysis of m...

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25 Sep 2014  |  Africa

East African Cement Industry Production and Investment Forecast

Rapidly Expanding Production and Rising Imports will Bridge the Gap Between Demand and Supply

This research service provides an informed analysis of the East African cement industry for the period 2009 to 2018. The analysis comprises key industry drivers and restraints, demand and production trends, and forecasts for the total East African cement industry. In addition, a detailed analysis of the 6 top cement-producing countries in East Afri...

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25 Sep 2014  |  Global

Global Welding Factbook

Demand for Welding Equipment and Consumables in BRIC Nations Likely to Bolster Growth

This research service is a detailed factbook that analyses the current trends and challenges in the the global welding. It provides key factors driving or restrainiting the market in each region for product and end users. Market estimates in terms of revenue and unit shipment for each end-user in each region and product segments are provided in thi...

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27 Aug 2014  |  Global

Strategic Analysis of the Global Industrial Bearings and Couplings Market

Growing Demand for Lubrication-free Solutions in the Food and Beverage Industry Fuels Market Growth

This research service analyses the trends in the global industrial bearings and couplings market. It provides an analysis of the key challenges, drivers and restraints in the market, and their impact for the forecast period. Market forecasts in terms of end users, geography and product segments are provided. A comprehensive analysis of the market s...

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19 Aug 2014  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Motor Control Centres Market

Intelligent MCC Capabilities Will be Key Differentiating Factor in Highly Critical Industries

This research service analyses trends in the global motor control centre (MCC) market. It determines the impact of increasing automation in the water and wastewater industry, the impact of movement towards natural gas, wind and solar power plants and similar trends in different end-user industries. Revenue forecasts are provided by geography and en...

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31 Jul 2014  |  Africa

Automation and Control Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa's Oil and Gas IndustryAn Analysis of 3 Leading Countries

Opportunities will Emerge in Deep Sea E&P, Gas, and East Africa

Sub-Saharan Africas oil and gas industry is growing rapidly, producing significant opportunities for automation and control solution (ACS) suppliers. An expansion of ACS revenue will be driven by investments in industry-supporting infrastructure, an increasing focus on improving industry efficiencies, and rising exploration and production (E&P), w...

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