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19 Oct 2020  |  Europe

Wildland Firefighting Fueling the Western European Firefighter PPE Market

Decontamination and Washability Trends to Drive Future Growth Opportunities

The Western European firefighter PPE market is driven by multiple factors, including increased global warming, drier summers, increased wildfires, and improved technological innovations in firefighter PPE. Increased safety concerns with regard to cancer-causing carcinogens have resulted in the standardization of washing cycle after each fire interv...

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19 Oct 2020  |  Global

Digital Transformation Initiatives Post Pandemic to Drive Marginal Growth in the Global Airport Self-service Market, 2025

Off-airport Check-in, Mobile, and Web Solutions to Present New Growth Opportunities

The airport self-service market is poised to witness the advent of latest solutions that improve passenger experience and process efficiency of airports. This study covers the global market and provides a 6-year forecast from 2020 to 2025. The total self-service market was worth $981.7 million in 2019 and, considering the impact of Coronavirus 2019...

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14 Oct 2020  |  

Strategic Imperative Eight

Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?

The ability to visualize and articulate a possible future state for an organization or company has always been a vital component of a companys long term success. Disruption of the global economy, industry, companies and investments make it difficult to prepare your company for the future. A solid, realistic Vision & Strategy will enable you to set ...

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14 Oct 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Assessment of Growth Opportunities in the Indian eWaste Management Market

A Manifold Increase is Anticipated in the Share of the Organised Sector as the Current Capacity Addresses Just about 25% of the Market

The eWaste management market in India is expected to offer major opportunities for existing as well as new participants in the market. With current levels of installed capacity catering just to 25% of the total e-waste generated in 2019, capacity additions are highly likely during the study period. Frost & Sullivan predicts that the market will tou...

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14 Oct 2020  |  North America

Growth Opportunities in the Medical Waste Management Market in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Forecast to 2024

Regulation, Technology, and Service Opportunities Set to Reinvigorate Market Growth

The landscape for medical waste management across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific is in a time of uncertainty and turbulence. The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought a glut of medical waste, but at the same time, the postponement or cancellation of medical appointments and elective surgeries has tempered the impact in terms of absolute vol...

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13 Oct 2020  |  North America

Increasing Adoption of Low-cost Devices with Simple Designs in Response to COVID-19 to Disrupt the US & EU-5 Ventilator Market, 2025

Rising Preference for Home-based Care, Aided by Remote Monitoring Technologies, to Drive New Growth Opportunities

Revenue for the US & EU-5 ventilators market is expected to increase by 370.7% in 2020 driven by the ongoing Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) situation. The home care segment is expected to see a comparatively strong growth potential post-pandemic. This study assesses the revenue growth impact on different ventilator market segments. It also analyzes fu...

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12 Oct 2020  |  Latin America

Analysis of ADAS Features in the Latin American (LATAM) Passenger Vehicle (PV) Market

The Introduction of Advanced Driving Assistive Systems (ADAS) is becoming Imperative Across Various Mid-size Segments in LATAM Markets

As the global automotive industry moves towards the development of fully autonomous vehicles and envisions a future without road accidents, the Latin American automotive market is making significant advances in the introduction of new advanced driving assistance features. Many Latin American countries have some of the most severe road fatality figu...

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09 Oct 2020  |  North America

Transitory Trends in the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in the United States, 2025

Challenges Posed By the Introduction of WLTP and Phasing out of Incentives to Push the Market Towards Self Sustainability

As we move into the new decade, the electric vehicle (EV) industry is likely to experience total sales of over 2.5 million units (including battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Majority of the US OEMs are likely to reduce PHEV models and introduce BEV models in their product lines. Over 450 models—300 BEV...

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09 Oct 2020  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in the Hydrogen Market for the Global Power Sector

With a Multitude of Applications, Hydrogen will Play an Important Role in Our Transition towards a Low-carbon Economy

Continued concerns over global warming and increasing carbon emissions have forced governments to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels based economy and move towards a low-carbon economy. Our sustainable future depends on the development of these low-carbon and alternate energy sources that are renewable and environment friendly. In recent year...

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09 Oct 2020  |  North America

Private-label Focused Business Models Driving Visibility and Sales of Channel Partners in the North American Class 4-8 Starters and Alternators Aftermarket, 2026

Strong Competition at Play Between OES and IAM Retailers in a Market that Otherwise Sees Slow Demand Growth for Replacements

This research study covers the class 4-8 starters and alternators aftermarket in terms of volume and value across the United States and Canada. It discusses unit shipments, revenue, average price, and distribution channel share. It also analyzes major participants separately for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The base year for the analysis is 201...

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