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22 Feb 2013  |  Global

2013 Outlook of the Global Automotive Industry

An OEM Expected to Hit 10 Million Sales. Global Vehicles in Operation to Exceed 1 Billion

The study discusses the outlook of the global automotive industry in detail. It illustrates the growth and slowdown of regional markets in 2012 and analyses the expected market performance in 2013. It explores the drivers behind the growth in APAC and the US and the factors contributing to the slowdown in Europe. Additionally, it highlights the key...

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20 Feb 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of North American Semi-Trailer Advanced Technology Markets

Advanced Technologies to Generate Revenue of $3 Billion by 2018

This research service presents a comprehensive analysis of the advanced semi-trailer technologies market through the forecast period 2012–2018, with a 2011 base year. The study includes an assessment of the market dynamics including industry challenges, market drivers and restraints, and current and government/safety regulations for semi-trailers...

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19 Feb 2013  |  Global

Strategic Outlook of the Global Medium-heavy Commercial Truck Market in 2013

Despite Strong Headwinds, Sales Volume Poised to Touch 2.8 Million

Global market for medium-heavy commercial trucks is expected to grow marginally despite weakness in the global economy. Key volume markets such as China, India and Brazil are set to bounce back with marginal recovery in trucks sales from the slump in 2012. Triad markets to decline despite moderate growth in the North American. Russia, Next 11 and A...

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07 Feb 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis on Global Market for Range Extenders

Internal Combustion Engine to be the Most Largely Adopted Range Extender Application

The study provides an analysis of the market for range extenders. The extended range electric vehicles have been classified by the type of technology used. The three types of range extender technologies are internal combustion engine, micro-gas turbine, and fuel cell system. The study also gives an overview of the emerging market trends and eREVs t...

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