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This is a Research Service on Strategic Analysis of Integration of ADAS with Telematics . The Systems included in the study are Map based ACC, Lane Departure Warning , Advanced Frontal Lighting , Speed alert , Curve Warning System, Fuel Economy systems . The installation of ADAS with Telematics has just began in Europe and the market will witness ...

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This executive report was compiled and presented to the transportation authorities and policy makers of the United Kingdom Government. The research focuses on different mobility solutions for rural population of the United Kingdom. The study illustrates the current transportation infrastructure and roadmap for the future.

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The study discusses about the market for driver assist systems, ESP, passive safety and rain sensors used in passenger cars in the European region. Study covers the key drivers, restraints and challenges for the sensors industry and covers in detail about the sensors that are used for the above said systems. Study also has detailed forecasting of r...

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31 Dec 2008  |  Europe

An Update on European Heavy and Medium Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market

Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market

This study gives a strategic insight on the recent developments in the European heavy and medium commercial vehicles telematics market. The research study gives an overview of the recent market trends across Europe influencing the telematics market. Scenario analysis is deployed to analyse the effect of economic slowdown on the dynamics of the mark...

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This covers Frost & Sullivan's growth workshop on Best Practices in Innovation Management in the Automotive Industry. Presentations made by participants at the growth workshop.

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This study is focused to strategically analyze the European market for Automotive Exterior Lighting. Key Market Drivers, Restraints, Market Trends, Technology Trends and Roadmaps are discussed as part of this study. The study discusses about the market revenues and units forecast at macro and micro levels with pricing analysis of the lighting appli...

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This study focuses on European 4WD technologies market, comprising mainly of Full time, part-time, FWD based On-demand AWD and RWD based On-demand AWD systems. Key market, legislative and technology drivers for 4WD technologies are discussed as part of the study. The study discusses about the market revenues and units forecast for different 4WD sy...

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This is a Research Service on Low Speed Driver Assistance Systems in Europe . The Systems included in the study are ACC stop & go , Intelligent Park Assist system,s , Rear View Camera Systems and Low Speed Collision Avoidance systems . The installation of Low Speed Driver assistance systems has just began in Europe and the market will witness entry...

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This research service focuses on analysing the market potential body-in-white vehicle structures in Europe. Market size, key trends and drivers and restraints, comparative analysis, scenario analysis have been discussed in detail in this research service.

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The research service analyses the concept of telematics based insurance for the passenger car market in Europe. The study includes recent trends, market drivers, restraints and challenges. market Size Analysis deals with unit size and forecast from 2007 to 2015 of systems installed in cars for Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) type product. Pricing Analysis ...

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