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29 Aug 2012  |  Africa

Market Sizing of the Mobile Communications Sector in Africa - Excel Interactive Pivot Table

Interactive Pivot Table of 12 African Countries Segmented by the Communication Market Sectors.

This interactive pivot table has the purpose of enabling the user to see the market size of a list of twelve African countries in terms of their mobile and fixed-line communications market sectors. The user decides which African countries and market sectors are of importance. The market size of the selected African countries is in terms of US dolla...

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19 Apr 2007  |  Global

World Carrier Switch and Router Markets

This study covers switches and routers targeted at the carrier market.The study is worldwide and looks at ten market segmentations, covering equipment used in networks from the Access to the Core. The Access network is broken down into Access Node and Customer Located Equipment. Ethernet in the First Mile is researched as a sub-segment of the Acce...

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Showing 41-42 of 42