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30 Sep 2015  |  Europe

Profiling the Top Mergers and Acquisition Within Medical Devices Space

Changing Healthcare Dynamics Driving the M&A

The landscape of healthcare is rapidly changing worldwide as governments are reducing healthcare spending through means such as reimbursement cuts. The medical devices market bears the direct brunt of these measures. To overcome this, medical device companies are involved in active mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The study analyses the key factors ...

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29 Sep 2015  |  Europe

Analysis of the European Digital and Computed Radiography Markets

Workflow Integration Provides Potential for Growth

This research service presents an analysis of the digital and computed radiography markets in Europe. It also provides an in-depth analysis of the market and discusses market characteristics such as size, revenue forecasts, drivers, restraints, market penetration and market attractiveness for both the digital radiography (DR) and the computed rad...

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24 Aug 2015  |  Europe

Assessing Ultrasounds Market Potential within Emerging Clinical Points of Care

Beyond Traditional Users, New Clinical Departments Grow Their Potential as Customer Segments

The growth of the ultrasound market is driven by the emerging clinical segment, as the established clinical segment has reached a saturation stage in select regions of NA and Western Europe. Growing awareness about the harmful effects of radiation exposure from other imaging modalities and delivery of sonogram services at the site of patients who a...

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27 Mar 2015  |  Europe

Western European Contrast Auto-injectors Market

Better Workflow Integration Provides Increasing Market Potential

The Western European contrast auto-injectors market is currently growing at steady rate of 4-5%. Although economic uncertainty and budgetary constraints have slowed the market in certain countries, the invasive technology of the auto-injector has overwhelmed the restraints due to its key role in contrast delivery management. This research service c...

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09 Mar 2015  |  Europe

Western and Eastern European Custom Procedure Trays and Packs (CPTP) Market

Ripe Opportunities Exist Within the Growing Landscape

The Western and Eastern European Custom Procedure Trays and Packs (CPTP) market is growing rapidly. CPTPs offer off-the-shelf convenience for hospitals, reduce costs, and lead to more-efficient operating rooms with faster turnaround times. The enforcement of stricter infection control measures has also greatly aided the adoption of CPTPs, as clinic...

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5 Item(s)