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10 Oct 2011  |  Europe

Mobile Infrastructure Development in Europe

Innovation is the key to address challenges.

Mobile infrastructure market is undergoing transition as a result of a number of technological advancements. With data traffic reaching great heights, telecom operators are concentrating on deploying or upgrading existing 2G and 3G infrastructures, and testing and deploying 4G infrastructure. The major trends that have been observed is the coexiste...

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The mobile and wireless industry in Europe is facing a number of challenges and as a result, the mobile operators are looking at a variety of opportunities to retain their subscribers and revenue market shares. One of the recent trends that is emerging in the saturated mobile and wireless markets in the Europe is that of consolidation of telecom op...

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This research service compare the IPTV business case, service deployment, marketing strategies of the service providers in Asia Pacific and major players in Europe and USA. It also provides an insight of industry challenges, market drivers, market restraints, competitive matrix comparison of 13 markets in Asia Pacific for IPTV services based on mar...

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In Asia Pacific, the Enterprise Telephony market is charting growth across key country markets. Steepest growth is witnessed from accelerated uptake of IP telephony in countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and PR-China. Over the last one year, competition has stiffened tremendously with most of the major traditional TDM vendors hav...

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