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26 Feb 2013  |  Latin America

Southern Cone Markets for HMI and Industrial PCs

Strong Potential for Growth Fueled by Economic Development

This research service aims to provide an insight into the human-machine interface (HMI) equipment and industrial personal computer (IPC) market, with a focus on the Southern Cone region of South America. The study discusses the factors driving and restraining the growth in this market and presents a revenue forecasts. The base year is 2011, and the...

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13 Feb 2013  |  Africa

Southern African High Voltage Transmission and Distribution Market

 Will the Market Continue to be Uncertain?

The high voltage transmission and distribution market in Southern Africa is fraught with uncertainty. In order for the region to grow, a stable supply of electricity is required. Generation capacity can only be increased if there is stable transmission and distribution infrastructure in place. This research service offers a comprehensive analysis o...

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11 Feb 2013  |  Africa

The Future of Namibia and Energy

Mining and Anticipated Oil and Gas Discoveries could Catalyse Industry and Economic Development

The energy sector in Namibia is dominated by liquid fuel usage, imported electricity and local wood fuel supplies. Namibia's economic growth potential lies in the development of its mines and the discovery of oil and gas. This research service gives a comprehensive analysis of the current energy situation in Namibia as well as the country's future ...

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31 Jan 2013  |  Africa

2012 Updated Overview of Mozambique's Electricity Industry

The Coal and Gas Rush in Mozambique Will Increase the Electricity Demand in the Country

The Mozambican electricity demand is set to grow rapidly. This is due to large natural gas finds and the exportation of coal in 2012. Mozambique's GDP is expected to grow at close to 8.0 percent till 2017. Transmission and distribution infrastructure is the greatest restraint in the electricity industry and a new 'Transmission Backbone' is needed t...

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11 Jan 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the Global Market for Dual Clutch Transmission Technology in Passenger Vehicles

Europe and China to Propel Global DCT Volumes

OEMs and suppliers are constantly driven to innovate and improve technologies to adhere to stringent emission norms and meet dynamic customer demands. In the quest for improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance that advancements in transmission technologies can provide, global stakeholders expect DCTs to play a defining role in the global tr...

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02 Oct 2012  |  Africa

Analysis of the South African High-voltage Transformers Market

New Entrants to Take Market Share

The South African high-voltage transformer market is established and dominated by a few major competitors. The demand side of the market is highly concentrated in the standardised transformer segment, but it is fragmented in the smaller, specialised segment. The market is set to change in 2015 with specification and product design playing a major r...

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13 Sep 2012  |  Africa

Analysis of the Terrestrial Fiber Communications Market in Sub-Saharan Africa

Exploring the Opportunities Available in the Terrestrial Fiber Market

The research service provides a strategic analysis on the terrestrial fiber communications market by highlighting key growth markets, such as South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana. The terrestrial fiber market is increasing rapidly as end-users and service providers are awakening to the possibilities that this infrastructure presents. Strong investment gr...

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11 Sep 2012  |  Africa

Data Centre Market in East Africa

Outsourcing Trend Unlocks New Opportunities

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda's data centre markets are at their infancy stages, and they are viewed by service providers as an exciting market with endless opportunities. Companies are seeking to transform from a capital expenditure model to operating expenditure model by reducing their total cost of ownership. The recent economic downturn and the co...

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03 Sep 2012  |  North America

North American Contact Center Systems Market

Analytics to Lead the Way for Growth

This study covers the state of the North American contact center systems market. Market segments include inbound contact routing systems, IVR/voice portal systems, outbound dialer systems, quality monitoring systems, workforce management software, and contact center analytics. The study discusses the drivers and the restraints for growth, as well a...

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29 Aug 2012  |  Africa

Market Sizing of the Mobile Communications Sector in Africa - Excel Interactive Pivot Table

Interactive Pivot Table of 12 African Countries Segmented by the Communication Market Sectors.

This interactive pivot table has the purpose of enabling the user to see the market size of a list of twelve African countries in terms of their mobile and fixed-line communications market sectors. The user decides which African countries and market sectors are of importance. The market size of the selected African countries is in terms of US dolla...

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