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03 Oct 2014  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Latin American Managed Security Services Market

Trends and threats will drive the Latin American market

As new trends and technologies are being implemented and utilized by Latin American companies, new and complex vulnerabilities are becoming a reality. As such, MSS services are becoming increasingly important. Although budget for security is still a problem, as most companies are not able to gauge the return on investment (ROI) that investing in se...

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25 Sep 2014  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Latin American Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Outsourcing Services Market

Maturity of the Latin American Market Drives New Investments in Outsourcing

The IT infrastructure outsourcing market in Latin America is becoming more mature. Companies are understanding the benefits of outsourcing, and focusing instead on the core business, reducing costs, thus, following the strategy to turn capital expenditure (CAPEX) into operational expenditure (OPEX), instead of investing money in expanding capacity,...

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30 Dec 2014  |  Latin America

Strategic Analysis of the Brazilian Companies Investments in ICT

A Deep Analysis of Current and Future Investments in Brazil Regarding IT and Telecom Trends

Frost & Sullivan surveyed 313 Brazilian companies in order to understand their current and future ICT investments, drivers, restraints, and their perceptions about trends such as cloud computing and Big Data analytics.

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17 Jan 2014  |  Latin America

Insights into Big Data and Analytics in Brazil

From a Nascent Market in 2013 to a Billion Dollar Industry in 2018

Big Data has yet to take hold in Brazil, but some verticals (e.g., finance, telecoms, retail) are exploring projects with IT companies who provide solutions for fraud analytics, real-time analytics with in-memory computing, and online and digital analytics, to name a few. These solutions offer clear return on investment such as reduction of churn r...

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25 Feb 2014  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Hosted and Cloud Solutions for Contact Centers Market in Latin America

Improving Business Productivity Quickly and at a Lower Cost

In Latin America, hosted and cloud services for contact centers are emerging as an alternative solution to premises-based contact center applications. These services are owned and operated by third-party providers, and they enable contact centers to be more productive, offering a better service to clients with reduced capital expenditures when comp...

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15 Apr 2014  |  Latin America

Argentine and Chilean Contact Center Outsourcing Services Markets

Higher Costs and Competition Threatens Profitability

The Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) Services Market in Argentina slightly decreased in revenue in 2013 because of the exit of providers during the year as a result of the low profitability margins. On the other hand, the CCO services market in Chile exhibited a mild revenue growth in 2013, mostly based on the domestic business, as several offshori...

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16 Jul 2014  |  Latin America

Colombia and Peru Contact Center Outsourcing Services Markets 2014

Competitive Pressure Increases as More Competitors Enter the Markets

The contact center outsourcing services market in Colombia exhibited high revenue growth in 2013, again the fastest-growing marketplace in Latin America. This performance was driven by both domestic and the offshoring businesses, but the latter experienced the higher growth rate. The Peruvian market also experienced high growth this year, although ...

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03 Jul 2014  |  Latin America

Latin American Contact Center Systems Market 2014

Companies are Shifting their Focus to Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions

Important companies have started to make significant investments in hosted and cloud contact center solutions. Other companies, however, have not yet witnessed the adoption of this new technology in the region, and continue to use on-premises solutions. This study covers the Latin American contact center systems market (Mexico, Brazil, Central Amer...

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26 Feb 2014  |  Latin America

Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean Contact Center Outsourcing Services Markets

Diversifying Strategies and Locations to Overcome the Economic Slowdown and Industry Saturation

Growth in the Mexican contact center outsourcing services market is expected to be driven by local business and offshoring markets. Central America and the Caribbean are experiencing saturation levels in key cities in Costa Rica and Panama, which represents growth opportunities for alternative locations in the region. This research service provides...

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04 Apr 2014  |  Latin America

Latin American Unified Communications and Collaboration Vendors and Partners Survey

Present Scenario and Future Outlook

The Latin American unified communications (UC) and collaboration market has evolved over the last couple of years. New technologies and applications such as Web collaboration/personal video, UC communications client and audio/video/Web conferencing and mobile applications have penetrated this market, while others are losing ground. The cloud model ...

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