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15 Dec 2015  |  North America

Automated Passport Control in North America

A Young Market Reaching its Saturation Point?

A new innovation for pre-screening travelers at airports has been in use in North America since 2013. Automated passport control kiosks were introduced into the airports by the US Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection Agency. Since its inaugural debut at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, both airlines and other airports in the reg...

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17 Nov 2015  |  Global

Air Traffic Management and ADS-B

Where are we now?

Frost & Sullivan published an insight into the implementation of ADS-B on a global basis. This insight provides a view of the progress of this major change to the air traffic management system. It discusses the decisions made, the number of installations, and the changes that these actions have caused.

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12 Nov 2015  |  North America

Global Civil and Commercial Helicopters Market

Bright Spots in a Soft Market

Frost & Sullivan published a Market Engineering analysis on the civil helicopters market in October 2014. This research service provides an update on the market forecasts, especially in light of the changes that have occurred in market projections since the prices of oil and gas have fallen, which has altered demand for heavy and twin medium helico...

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02 Nov 2015  |  North America

Executive Overview of Fuel Cells in the Global Aviation Industry

Fuel Cells to Emerge as the Alternate Source of Power Supply

The study covers 3 different segmentscommercial, business, and general aviationacross the industry either as a primary application or as a secondary application. It provides the basic definitions, key drivers and restraints, and the challenges faced by the fuel cells market. The study also includes various prototypes as case studies, detailing c...

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28 Sep 2015  |  Global

Assessment of the Small-Satellite Market

Persistent Earth-Observation/GIS Analytics and Broadband Connectivity for Remote Locations to Dominate the 2015-2020 Timeline

This market insight covers the small-satellite market from an Earth-imaging standpoint. It touches on the research and commercial versions of small-satellite technology. Other domains such as in-orbit debris mitigation and satellite-based internet services have also been covered. The study attempts to identify the differentiating factors and succes...

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24 Sep 2015  |  North America

Big Data in Defence and Security

From the User's Perspective

As the hype continues around Big Data, its ambiguous nature continues to obscure the potential applications of the technology. Clarity is beginning to emerge within the A&D community about how Big Data can be leveraged for 'intelligence amplification' and companies are beginning to respond. This research aims to define these emerging applications a...

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22 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Commercial Aviation in APAC

A Future Aerospace Region Giant on the Rise

During the last decade, APAC has been the most dynamic region with regard to air traffic. As a result, the region has witnessed the highest aircraft demand globally and a strong development of new infrastructure to cope with increasing traffic. The countries in this region realise that investment in this industrial sector is profitable. Thus, they ...

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21 Sep 2015  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Arabic PeninsulaDefence Market Overview

Tackling Obsolescence and Future Industrial Developments

Declining oil prices, regional threats, and changes in political intent are drawing new trends and perspectives across the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries. This private market insight assesses future military spending, new equipment requirements, and best-positioned local companies in the Middle-Eastern countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,...

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18 Sep 2015  |  Global

The Future of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) in Law Enforcement

Security vs. Privacy

The growing digitisation of police forces around the world has resulted in an increased use of new technologies. The deployment of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) in police forces all over the globe is in its very early stages as there are several technological, social, and legislative issues to contend with. This article takes a look at facial...

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15 Sep 2015  |  North America

Commercial Aircraft Environmental Control Systems

Airframe Systems Series

In the typical aircraft environmental control systems (ECS), the bleed air is cooled by air from the aircraft slipstream and then enters a compressor, which boosts the turbine inlet pressure to increase the temperature drop. Air leaving the compressor is cooled to eliminate the excess moisture before entering the turbine. Cold air from the turbine ...

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