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24 Dec 2012  |  Latin America

Strategic Implications of Shale Gas Development in Argentina

Shale Gas Becomes A Potential Game Changer for Argentina

The Argentinean natural gas market, once a net exporter, has in the last decade become a net importer as supplies of natural gas have dwindled. The recent ability to extract shale gas by means of hydraulic fracturing technology has led to game-changing opportunities for the Argentinean natural gas market. Should shale gas be extracted in an environ...

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07 Dec 2012  |  Africa

The East African Oil and Gas Market

New Discoveries Spark Intensified Investment in Exploration Initiatives

Recent oil and gas discoveries in East Africa have promoted significant interest for investors in the region, driving growth in exploration initiatives. After exploration success in Uganda, the overall region has seen an influx of international players, including Total, Anadarko, Tullow, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), in the m...

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19 Jul 2012  |  Africa

The Emerging Cogeneration Market in Sub-Saharan Africa

Where is Cogeneration being Utilised?

This study highlights a few key areas where cogeneration is being successfully utilised in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a small market but one that is proving to be valuable for those industries that are able to make use of heat and electricity and those that have large amounts of waste product that can be used as feedstock. This however also highli...

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17 May 2012  |  Africa

Municipal Waste to Energy

The necessary public sector move to a sustainable future

This Research Service analyses the current (2011) South African municipal solid waste to energy landscape. Major metropolitan municipalities (eThekwini Municipality, City of Johannesburg, City of Tshwane, City of Cape Town and Mangaung Municipality) were interviewed. Views were obtained regarding the status quo, relevant drivers and restraints, str...

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09 May 2012  |  Africa

Overview of the Algerian Electricity Industry

Significant Renewable Energy Potential Exists

This research service explains, in detail, how Algeria has benefited from its oil and gas resources by building a competitive gas electricity generation industry. The Algerian government is now looking at ways to support further industry growth by investing in renewable energy projects. More than 15GW of projects are expected to arise during the fo...

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20 Apr 2012  |  Africa

Technology and Cost Comparison for Various Energy Types in South Africa

Answers to Investor Questions

This research service provides a high level overview of various energy generating technology types in South Africa, including nuclear, solar, hydro, wind, diesel and gas gensets, co-generation, open cycle gas turbines and closed cycle gas turbines. An introduction to each technology type is provided, along with general capital and operational expen...

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19 Apr 2012  |  Global

Global Concentrated Solar Power Market

CSP - A Competitive Renewable Energy

Concentrated solar power (CSP) has grown exponentially in the last five years, from a newly introduced technology to a mass-produced and mainstream power generation solution. The CSP market reignited in 2007 and has since been experiencing significant growth. Focusing on Spain and the U.S. markets of California and Nevada, CSP plants grew to a cumu...

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30 Mar 2012  |  Africa

2011 Update of the Botswana Electricity Industry

Spurring Power Infrastructure Investment to Meet Growing Demand as Power Imports Are Phasing Out

Botswana electricity industry has challenges in meeting its energy needs. Firstly, the country can hardly meet its peak power demand and, secondly, the country relies heavily on power supply from its neighbouring countries. However, southern Africa is experiencing an increasing power supply deficit, leading to shortages of power for trading. After ...

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22 Feb 2012  |  Africa

Analysis of the Carbon Tax Market

The Effect on Large Industrial Businesses

This Research Service provides a overview of the pending South African carbon tax environment. Recently, a legislative document was tabled and the proposed way forward by the South African government will have dire consequences on the industry. This Research Service explains the concept of a carbon tax, evaluates various international case studies,...

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20 Dec 2011  |  Africa

Overview of the Moroccan Electricity Industry

Is Morocco at the Dawn of a New Era towards Renewable Energy?

Moroccan electricity industry is facing a steady growth demand, having increased yearly by six to eight per cent in the past 10 years. Growth has been driven by robust economic development and improved welfare conditions, following various economic reforms. Electricity in Morocco is mainly generated from fossil fuels and, more particularly, fuel oi...

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