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01 Jun 2020  |  Global

Technology Advancements in Energy Analytics Transforming Power Grids

Integration of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) will Enable Digitization of Power Grids

Ongoing transfo

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This issue of Oil and Gas Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the development of IoT platforms for the remote monitoring of oil fields and also the development of SaaS-based asset management software platforms to maintain all relevant data used in the operations of oil & gas companies. The TOE also features trends and innov...

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This edition of the Energy and Power Systems Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on the development of cost-effective and high performance solid state batteries that have the potential to be utilized in energy storage applications and also the development of an electrolyte that prevents degradation of micro-sized silicon anodes...

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22 May 2020  |  Latin America

Latin American Generator Set Market, Forecast to 2025

The Coronavirus Outbreak is the Biggest Threat to the Latin American Economy in 2020

Economic growth in Latin America was expected to pick up in 2020; However, the novel coronavirus has forced companies to review their projections. The impact of the pandemic notwithstanding, the region continues to see strong private and public sector investment in infrastructure, construction, and commercial segments that secure a slow but steady ...

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This edition of the Inside R&D Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on development of triple antiviral therapy and a novel vaccine design to stop the spread of corona virus. The TOE also features trends and innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), radiation shielding, and the use of epoxy modified silicone resin coating in a...

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13 May 2020  |  Global

Global Modular Data Centers Market, Forecast to 2025

Emerging Markets to Drive High Growth

The demand for data transfer and storage has significantly increased in the last few years, and is expected to increase further during the forecast period. This demand for data transfer and storage has resulted in storage and compute solutions becoming more complex and advanced in nature, creating a strong shift toward modularity. The data center b...

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This edition of the Industrial Bioprocessing Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features information on novel single use platforms for plasmid DNA manufacturing and the use of protein analyzers for real-time measurement of antibody titer. The TOE also features trends and innovations based on the generation of sustainable second generation bio-fue...

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08 May 2020  |  Global

Global DC Power Systems Market, Forecast to 2025

5G Deployment to Lead Demand for DC Power Usage

DC power systems are expected to see growth as increased demand from telecom companies leads to increased deployment. Advent of 4G and 5G networks leads to steady growth of DC power systems as telecom base station power demand increases steadily. 5G deployment is the key driver for DC power systems, which is expected to see modest growth between 20...

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05 May 2020  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in Distributed Energy, Forecast to 2030

Nearly $1 Trillion is Expected to be Invested Over the Course of the Decade as the Power Sector Continues to Transition to a More Decarbonised and Flexible System

Investments into

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30 Apr 2020  |  Global

Global Renewable Energy Inverters Market, Forecast to 2026

Growing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation and Increasing Popularity of Solar Plus Storage Systems to Drive Growth

The growing adoption of renewable energy (RE) generation across the globe is expected to drive the growth of the RE inverters market over the coming years. The continually declining prices of RE, coupled with country-specific clean energy targets and increasing corporate procurement, are driving the growth of the global RE inverters market. The mar...

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